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09/26/10 | 8:25AM
Verizon are Crucks

I was originally a Verizon customer about 3 or 4 years ago. I ended my service with them because the quality of calls in my home area was less than poor. After that, I was with Alltel Wireless until....Verison purchased Alltel. At the time, I had two Alltel Blackberry phones which could only be used with Verizon service. Verizon had to be a consideration for me due to that.

I received numerous mailings from Verizon that stated that the merge with Verizon and Alltel would not change the quality of my service. If I haven't mentioned it yet, my service with Alltel was great! I had no complaints at all with Alltel. Verizon reps on the phone and in person all told me that the quality of service that I had with Alltel would not change at all. They said that if anything my service would only get better. Based on the mailings that I received from Verizon, and verbal statements - I signed two contracts with Verizon.

When I received my first Verizon phone, the phone was constantly dropping calls. I returned it for a replacement. Then I had to replace, replacment after replacement phone due to the following reasons: extremely poor call quality, tracking balls not operating properly, stuck keys, freezing etc. Basically, once I would receive those refurbished replacement phones from Verizon - I would soon find out why the last customer returned the phone in the first place. Did I mention that during these phone problems, Verizon would try to get me to purchase yet Another phone?? I had to replace about 5 phones.

Next up, I received a notice from Verizon which explained to me that my phone insurance had been dropped & that I was not eligeble to recieve phone insurance. The reason was because my phones kept switching. To clarify, my phones kept switching because Verizon kept sending me lemon phones & then my insurance was dropped due to their actions.

Next, time to replace yet another phone. Verizon tries to sell me yet another phone. smh

I contact Verizon and ask them to lower my phone package because I had been paying for 1200 minutes a month, although I only had been using about 80 minutes per month. smh. I am told that 1200 minutes a month is the lowest package available. The reason they gave was because they said that one of my phones were an Alltel phone and the other was a Verizon phone. Verizon asked me to BUY a Verizon phone to fix the situation. To clarify: Verizon purchased another company and instead of accepting the responsiblity of respecting and honoring contracts etc that were in place before they got there - they ask customers like myself to get up to speed. smh Once I spoke to a competitor whom basically told me that Verizon and 1200 minutes per month being the lowest package deal was bullshit - that is when Verizon offered me a lower plan for like 500 minutes per month. Now, all of this happened in the same day. I was told that 1200 minutes per month was the lowest offer and by the end of that day after cussing and fussing out Verizon all day and letting them knwo that I would cancel my account THEN they offer me a lower minutes package smh.

A few days later and I am getting NO SERVICE. I call into Verizon for help but my call gets lost twice. Instead of them reviewing my accoung and working on my phone connection remotely, they do nothing. At that time I officially cancel my account with Verizon. I also request that my early termination fee be waived due to all that I went through and the false statements that Verizon told me before I signed the contracts.

I was told that my early termination fee could not be waived unless it was noted on my account that I was receving marginal service. Verizon said that there were no records on my account that I had marginal service. So, I was trying to figure out why did I have a lot of emails from Verizon about my problems with their service, if there was not record of me having poor service. Also, why do I have record of having to ship a lot of phones back to Verizon if my service was so great?

I asked a rep for their legal department's contact information and I was told that there wasn't any . I was told that my lawyer would need to contact the customer service dept. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Later in that day, I spoke to another rep whom gave me the legal department's contact information. This was the same information that someone else had just told me did not exist. smh

Once I cancelled my account, someone from Verizon called me that very next day. He told me that he was with the promotions department and he wanted me to come back to Verizon. The first thing that he wanted to know was why did I leave Verizon. If you have a customer constantly calling with complaints, why on earth wouldn't you have the reasons for their calls on their account? smh He offered me the following deals:

100 minutes per month for $25.00 - Those offers were a joke to me. The company that had previously telling me that 1200 minutes per month was the lowest package available to me was now offering me 100 minutes per month for $25.00. Do they have any idea of how that makes them look?

$50.00 off ANY phone - Were they serious? What new customer does not get some sort of phone discount from ANY company? But, Verizon told me that no other company offers $50.00 off of ANY phone. I really do find that hard to believe.

1 month of free service - Pssssh I've paid for sooo many minutes that I haven't used. So, would this month really be free?

No activation fee to come back - Funny.

Those offers were not enticing at all for me. But, I asked the guy to either email or mail me the offers so that I could think about them. He said that he couldn't do it because he wasn't able to do either because he was in promotions. I told him that I wasn't going to accept any offer without it being in writing because it wou ld just be my word against his. He tried to tell me that he would put a note on my account. Haha this is the same guy that didn't even know why I had left his company. smh I asked him again to email the offers and he said he didn't have the ability to do so. Then, I told him that if he couldn't find a way to email or mail me the offers then I definately wasn't going back to Verizon. I added that he had just wasted his time and mine. I hung up on the guy. smh

A Verizon rep isn't able to E-Mail. Imagine that...

Lena - Verizon H8er ID: 78DB18

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03/20/19 | 12:56PM
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Evgeniyamofs - Verizon H8er ID: FA2AED

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