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10/09/10 | 6:02AM
All about 3 phones and a battery

A few weeks ago I dropped my phone and it completely stopped working. So I took it to Verizon to see what was going on and if they could fix it. After waiting almost 45 minutes, someone finally asked me what was going on. I told the lady I dropped my BlackBerry and now it wasn't working. She turned and walked away. I didn't know if I should follow or not. I did. She asked if I had insurance (I do). She then hands me a booklet and tells me since I have insurance I'll have to contact the insurance company to get a new phone. I ask her how I'm supposed to contact the insurance company. She tells me to call them. I'm like, "Lady, my phone doesn't work!" She walks away. I take the information and leave. When I get home I find out I have to pay $90 to get a new phone.

I go back to Verizon the next day to see if my phone was still under warranty. It was. They tell me that Verizon will ship me a new phone. So a few days later, my new phone arrives. But my old battery doesn't work. Again I head to Verizon to buy a battery. But my local store doesn't have batteries. How do they not have batteries??! The lady informs me they don't get another shipment for a week. Well, okay then.

I call Verizon customer service to see if I can order a battery from them. They tell me they'll send me a complete phone. Awesome. So 2 days later my phone arrives. I go to Verizon again to get it activated. All is well. Or so I think.

The next day I take my fully charged phone to work. Within 4 hours, it's completely dead. So when I get home, I charge it. After about 30 minutes it still won't turn on. So I charge it more. Still won't turn on. My dad is at my house with his BlackBerry. I ask him to switch batteries. My phone works. His phone turn on with my battery. Okay.

Every day since then, my phone goes dead in 4 hours. I have to take a charger to work with me. I finally get fed up and take the phone to Verizon to see what's up.

I wait almost an hour to be helped. The lady asks me what's wrong. I explain that the phone goes dead very quickly and I know it's not the battery, since it goes dead with my battery or my dad's. She tells me she can test the phone to see what's wrong with it. Awesome, right? Then she looks at my phone and tells me she can't test it. Because the battery isn't fully charged. Well, no kidding!! The whole reason I'm there is because it's not staying charged!! I was so disgusted, I just left. Stupid Verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 56A986

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04/08/19 | 9:11AM
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saraav1 - Verizon H8er ID: 47A1CE

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