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10/09/10 | 17:01PM
Wish I had another choice!!!

Just moved - Had to have internet for my job. Only available service to my home was verizon high speed internet. SEt up service prior to move
got here - NO INTERNET - called verizon. They said they sent me the modem, etc. Week later called again - no equipment. They verified my address - Guess What?? They sent the modem to a town 150 miles away to an address I NEVER gave them. OK - Cancelled that account and started over. Now it is a three week wait to have service. In the meantime I get a charge on my bank account (not authorized, by the way!)for the cancelled verizon account they screwed up in the first place. Date comes to have internet service after three week wait, and GUESS WHAT?? NO INTERNET!!! Ready to pull my hair out at this point. After 500 hours of calls to verizon (in India, of course!)I finally arrange to have a real person come to my house and fix the problem.
OH, no line DUH!!! Now I have been 5 weeks without internet. There are no words to accurately express the degree of frustration I am feeling at this point. Verizon person finally shows up, installs the dedicated line and I have service. Verizon promises to remove charge for wrong account. Not so. No refund yet and it has been at least a month. If I had any other choice I would never have chosen Verizon, and in the future, I will not choose Verizon if there is any other provider. Not only will I not choose Verizon, but I am making sure I tell as many people as I can about the horrible service and all-around crappy experience I have had with this useless company. Does anyone out there know who the CEO of Verizon is? I would love to write a carefully worded letter.......

MAD in VA - Verizon H8er ID: 16F32F

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10/10/10 | 15:53PM
Ivan G. Seidenberg

I would suggest
Never.. ever.. Give VZ your bank account info.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7019B2

10/10/10 | 16:23PM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7019B2

10/11/10 | 0:28AM
so you ordered dsl-------- with no phone line in your house------

duh? and expected it to work?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6E560E

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