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10/26/16 | 21:40PM

VERIZON WIRELESS SUCKS BALLS, by far one of the worst phone carriers to date. I am looking at how many websites Verizon has hit as the top 5 worst customer service EVER. They call it Verizarape.. If this rant doesnt convince you simply google VERIZON WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE and see what pops up...
I wish there were more options in Maine, hopefully it changes more soon but I have been stuck with them for quite sometime, I was grateful to use other services when I was living in California and Florida and Utah and North Carolina, and the Virgin Islands, and dreaded having to reactivate a line back in Maine. Seems like there are better options everywhere else. Verizon's customer service is complete shit, over the phone or in the store, I get nothing but lies from them! They don't care if you've been a member for 15 years and spend 4 to 900 a month on their services, I am not even sure why my bill changes so much, I cant seem to get a straight answer. It is like they have no clue. If I signed up as a new customer they would probably treat me better, then when they get you trapped on a bullshit contract they stop caring. They owe me hundreds of dollars in reimbursements that they continue to give me run around about. For incorrect charges, which I consider theft. One time, I went so far as recording a conversation with an agent because I was in disbelief how they would tell me one thing but do another, I discovered they incorrectly billed me over $200 for data just in one month, to which they wouldnt help me out with figuring out how it was possible to use 30 gigs of data in a few hours, so I went to Apple got proof that the phone Verizon sold me had internal errors causing extreme data use- that simply wasnt real, Verizon acknowledged this and agreed to give me several $50 credit adjustments to fix their error. NEVER HAPPANED, over and over I try to claim my money, never seems to work. No accontability! My promotional data or roll over data seems to vanish. No one is accountable for anything that they say in their stores. I went in with $180 once to get an upgrade and renew my plan, without my knowledge the employee entered me into what they call the "edge plan" which would charge me $80 upfront for a phone and then continuously bill me monthly until reaching the full value of like $700!!! yet my upgrade was gone anyways... Why would I use an upgrade and renew for 2 years and also pay $700 total for a phone?! I could have purchased it for $180 like I planned and been under the same contract duration, if it was $80 upfront for the edge plan did he pocket the rest of my money? Because I gave him 180, as that was the upgrade price! Did he do this to get the commison off the full sale price? How can an employee just straight up enter you in some bullshit plan without your permission?! He striaght up stole from me. Thats wild, I have shot people for less... Dude still works at the Portland store!??!! HOW?! I guess thats just the type of employees they have. Sometimes, the upgrade you wait 2 years for just dissappears off my account, yet no one in my family used it and no one got a new phone, strange? I have bought and paid for insurance on a new phone then later when trying to use it told me I never signed up for it... They lie about the federal regulations on adding an unlocked phone... Just an all around shitty company that has no care for the customer whatsoever. The last time I had a pleasent experience with #Verizon I was 16 years old, and thats only becuase I WAS STUPID. They just try and push shitty package deals on you because all they care about is their personal gain. It sucks being with Verizon, I am switching soon because I just simply cant take the bs. DONE

ELIAS - Verizon H8er ID: 2B1E0F

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11/06/16 | 8:56AM
Nobody does contracts anymore. you want a phone buy it up front or pay it in monthly payments. no phone is $180 unless it\'s a cheap crappy phone. get with the times

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 27222F

03/03/19 | 14:48PM

Snusia - Verizon H8er ID: 157863

04/17/19 | 20:00PM

GordonJinge - Verizon H8er ID: B8D9F1

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