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10/18/10 | 0:22AM
Data plan

I was absolutely appalled at how I have to pay and extra 9.99 a month for internet when i dont even plan on using it. I had a LG env2 and wanted to upgrade to the Samsung Reality. I found I had to pay $9.99 a month plus tax for something I found slow, hard to read, and hard to use. The only other option for a QWERTY keyboard was the Inspire or Cosmos both of which do NOT take video and their camera quality is worse than the env2. Basically I would have to downgrade. I AM FURIOUS and I hated the service I recieved because the worker was looking around and talking to other workers the whole time. I now HATE verizon and can't believe the way the have screwed us all over.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 04B144

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10/29/10 | 5:13AM
is 33 cents a day going to make you go bankrupt? Within 5 years EVERY cellular service will be used primarily for data than voice calls. Welcome to the future. Glad you got your Flux Capacitor fixed. Get an Android. Pay 29.99. Get an app that finds the cheapest gas station in the area, a barcode scanner, and free redbox codes. You'll save over $30 a month using those. Think outside the box. I bet you have a home phone too. Do the math, cancel that, raise your minutes, find a better internet provider, and I bet you'll spend less. Stop being an idiot.

Verizarapesonlyidiots - Verizon H8er ID: 231BA1

02/23/19 | 2:55AM
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agrohimcti - Verizon H8er ID: 2ABA95

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