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10/21/10 | 11:45AM
Fraudulent "pro-rated" minutes scam

I'm interested in helping to start a new class action suit against Verizon
for their underhanded "pro-rating" scam whereby they charge consumers
hundreds for minutes used resulting from any mid-cycle plan change. Let's be clear, these are cases where the consumer NEVER went over their monthly allowed minutes.

Rather than blending the plan, they first encourage the change. It can be an
increase in minutes, a decrease, or even status quo with some other plan
change such as the removal of a second line. The minutes under the plan are
converted to a pro-rated daily allowance and suddenly the consumer, who was
not over their monthly minutes, is over their monthly allowed minutes. The
surprise comes in the next bill and can be hundreds of dollars.

They refuse to make any correction, citing the agent "explained" the
pro-rate policy, which recordings of the calls will prove they do not. They
use the word and project the idea of a blending rather than an automatic

I'm ready to be deposed and I'd like to see some consumer protection finally
delivered to this incredibly fraudulent business. They are stealing from us
at every turn and previous class action penalties have done little to deter
their underhanded practices. Let's bring them to their knees.

I need to collect other actual accounts from victoms of this exact fraud. We'll need to provide copies of statements showing the repeated offence. The $50 or $200 they stole from you is multiplied by millions of consumers. I believe it an actual initiative to drive revenue.

I joined a post with a bunch of phone geek bone heads and some of them were Verizon reps swearing that their "script" specifically calls for offering to backdate the change so this won't happen. Total BS. Customer service refused to budge, nobody offered to backdate and this is the second time they've burned me.

The phone bone heads think we carry around some sort of notebook so we won't get caught in this scam twice. Not sure about you, but I'm busy as hell. I don't expect scumbag, thieving companies to be stealing from me when I do business with them. I don't carry notes on how to change and when to avoid their scam.

Let's make them feel this.

s_mcbride@yahoo.com - Verizon H8er ID: EFAF22

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10/23/10 | 5:43AM
it is your choice to change your plan, and your choice of when the plan starts. Proration is not rocket science. A plan is on a 30 day cycle, so when you change your plan mid cycle, you're not going to get the full minutes of either plan. Not just verizon prorates, every cell phone company does this.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CAC622

10/30/10 | 4:34AM
The website gives full disclosure and it tries to get you to future rate the change to avoid the pro ration. READ and don't click through the screens

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3356D7

10/30/10 | 14:58PM
This just happened to me. I had been going over my minutes the last couple of months. Last month there were only 5 minutes left on my plan according to verizon and I had 2 more days left in my billing cycle. In order to avoid paying an extra $.45 a minute I decided it was time to upgrade using that little link that verizon has saying to add more minutes. This was very misleading! I went ahead and did this. The verizon guy told me approximately what my bill would be every month. He mentioned that this month's bill will be slightly higher because they bill one month in advance. No mention of any prorating. He never mentioned that I would actually be losing minutes for the month once they did their little math and it would actually cost me more. All of the sudden I went over my minutes by about 35 minutes. Then it turns out that I actually had more than those 5 minutes left, which was the reason I changed in the first place. Therefore I didn't actaully go over my alloted minutes for the month and still had about 20 of tehm left. I would have made them last for the two days if I would have known they wer going to screw me. I am really angry about this. I feel like they totally took advantage. What is the point of showing the usage to the customer with a little link above making you think that you can still save yourself from going over your minutes when in all actuallity if you upgrade that very day you are royally screwing yourself? I just saw my bill online last night and have not had a chance to allow them to rectify the situation. However if they don't fix it I will be switching to another cellphone service. I have been with verizon for over 10 years, but I can't continue to give them my business if they are going to scam me. Bye bye droid....hello iphone!!

BTW... I think a class action lawsuit would be a great idea. It's about time to make them be honest!!!!


annonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9C2244

10/31/10 | 14:23PM
You need to get a fuckin life. You havent read the contract you signed.!! Did verizon press that button on your phone or did u do it. You did it. Put your big boy or big girl pants on and take reponsibility stop being a fuckin baby over 1.99 or 9.99 per month. If you can't swing that then maybe you shouldn't have a phone. All of the trouble in the industry began when it became a commodity vs a luxury. Trailer trash like you don't deserve a conveniece you can't afford. Suck it up buttercup and put up and shuts up. You are the problem with society today. Assholes like you file frivolous lawsuits and good people loose their jobs cuz companies are litigating against jackholes like you who r probably on disability or living off the government already. Find another hobby and get over yourself you are nobody.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FD3124

01/16/12 | 4:41AM
Hey prior anonymous, YOU are the one who needs to get a f-ing life! I added texting to my plan (online) mid month (no change to the monthly minutes), but yet they prorated my minutes for the month only AFTER THE BILLING CYCLE ENDED. No disclosure where a reasonable person adding texting would think for a minute that their minute allowance would be prorated. I read the website thoroughly when I made the change. I check my account frequently online to make sure I do not go over my minutes. The day before my billing cycle ended (about a week after my adding texting) the website showed I was within my allotted minutes for the month. HOWEVER, when I received the bill for that cycle, they had prorated my minutes to before the adding texting and after adding texting and said I was over by 188 minutes for the first half of the prorated cycle, charging me almost $90 extra for it. But I never changed my minutes and was still within the same allotted monthly minute allowance, all I did was add texting. There was no disclosure of this at the time of the change and not even the day before the billing cycle ended. SO HOW IS THIS SOMETHING I SHOULD HAVE FORSEEN??? So, ass, shut up, for you do not know what you are talking about! Verizon is clearly using unfair and deceptive acts and practices to maximize their revenue. To the original poster, I agree, a class action might be the only wayt to stop them.

Anonymous2 - Verizon H8er ID: D6C2BD

02/28/19 | 8:49AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: D7B292

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