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10/24/10 | 19:26PM
Water damage

A little background...I had to take in my EnV Touch into the store and get a replacement THREE times because the phone would either keep locking up, or randomly turn on and off by itself. They told me the reason for it was because it needed to be "updated". Well, when I took it in to the store to be updated, the phones never would, so they had to replace it every time.

Well, after getting my third phone, I had another problem...the phone was randomly taking pictures and videos without me even touching it (I swear, it was possessed). Because of that, it kept draining the battery and my phone would always die in the middle of the night, and my alarm wouldn't go off. And when I brought it in, the manager told me that he couldn't replace it because the cell phone battery had water damage. I told him that this wasn't a battery issue, it was clearly the PHONE and the CAMERA that were defective. And that battery has supposedly had "water damage" the other two times they replaced the phone, so I didn't see how this was any different.

Anyway, I debated back and forth with him, and he clearly knew that I wasn't going to back down, and that I not an idiot -- I know how these phones work, and this was clearly not my fault, or had anything to do with the battery -- and he said that this would be the "last time", and he can't promise that someone will be as nice as him next time I have to bring it in. HAH!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B8EE0A

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10/30/10 | 4:32AM
OK let me help you with this one. It is not a software issue. Its shitty batteries by LG. Same problem with the ENV3. Pain in the ass, we were told it was software for a year and had to get bitched at all day and night and finally LG said it was the battery moving.

Tell that manager to look up the policy on water damage. If the sticker is pink they are to still honor the warranty unless they see clear damage such as the ink bleeding or corrosion.

Temporary fix on the phone when it isn't being possessed is to take a piece of paper and wedge it in between the battery and the phone.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5D7AC2

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daphnegl69 - Verizon H8er ID: 23A165

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