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10/26/10 | 19:33PM

Ok about a month ago i had called Verizon to come fix a jack for me, we scheduled a time and talked about how it would be covered under the INSIDE WIRE MAINTENANCE package. A month later I look at my bill...low and behold a charge of 95.00 to rewire a jack. I was IRATE i called them several of times to take care of this matter with each time being denied a refund for that amount. I called again today, the rep. on the phone said that the dept. that denied my claims has made their decision and no longer want to talk with me. OHHHH WRONG THING TO SAY TO ME. I went OFF!! I told her "So am i supposed to sue Verizon for false advertising this package then?" She offered me 20.00 off my bill. (Now picture someone with the deer in the headlights look...that was me) I told her "Are you serious? You all charge me 95.00 for something that should of been covered under a plan i pay for monthly and all you can do is offer 20.00??" I calmly said you will be hearing from my lawyer as well as local TV stations. This is ridiculous how you treat your customers, you should be ashamed to work for such a low down scummy company!( not what i really said...had to keep it clean for here)

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 242927

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10/30/10 | 14:48PM
And how did that work out for you? Has your scary lawyer sued and netted you bajillions for your pain and woe? Or did you just pay the bill?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DF4A44

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