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10/30/10 | 15:42PM
Verizon as ILEC trapping me

I refuse to have Verizon as ISP, but since they are my ILEC:

I live in NY city and I have DSL through another ISP
(NorthWest based, with great service and tech friendly).

when I moved here 2 years ago, my ISP did their part,
but they needed Verizon to do the NID to apartment configuration.
It took Verizon 6 weeks to finally setup my DSL circuit, with
repeated Verizon tech visits, some to undo the damage from
prior Verizon techs.

The current Verizon incompetence/disaster:
(Driving me completely irate).
After the setup nightmare, my DSL worked fine for 2 years.
Last week my DSL dies. My ISP checks on it and says it is the
ILEC (Verizon) problem.
I did several checks:
1. I can't see why it would be the copper from my apt to the
building NID, since my voice phone (Verizon) on the same line
is working fine.
2. Is not my DSL modem since I had an old spare, and it doesn't
work (sync) either.

Called my ISP. They start getting in contact with ILED (Verizon)
Verizon wouldn't schedule a tech - only a "commit" target
of 3 days.
Then, they come at 4pm on a Friday, and even though I've told the
doormen to let the tech into NID and my apartment, they
pretend I'm not around and say they tried to get in, but had "no access"
I still don't see why they need to get into apartment, since
my phone is working and its not my DSL modem.

So I'm stuck - I don't have any problem with my ISP -
they are as responsive and helpful as I could hope.
I'm stuck with depending on Verizon as the middle party
in this, but them being incompetent.
I hate Verizon, but I can't punish them in any way.
(I keep the phone line at bare minimum with them,
mostly to be able to prove that the copper/POTS
from my Apt to NID to Verizon is working).

I wouldn't go with Verizon FIOS even if they paid me.
And from what I've heard, Comcast and Time-Warner for
cable are just as bad at being unresponsive
price-hiking giant corporations as Verizon.

While we're at it, the FCC is therefore incompetent
at regulating these behemoths and ensuring that competition
creates useful utilities for the citizenry.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EAC6A3

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