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11/04/10 | 19:51PM
Verizon Through the ceiling international rates

Through the ceiling international rates
8.43c a minute
By blunder I made an international call from my home phone and Verizon charged me $8.43 a minute. I called and requested a reduction in rate and they totally refused. Typically other companies charge 0.07c a minute for the same call. I pleaded and requested please reduce charge me a reasonable rates and said I am your longtime customer and this is my first mistake. I also requested to block international calling from my phone and they refused that too.
I hate Verizon and will never go back to Verizon EVER

A very unhappy customer - Verizon H8er ID: E186AE

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05/21/19 | 2:59AM
Game LIFE http://gamelife.tw/

Lamarlaund - Verizon H8er ID: EC2A80

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