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11/09/10 | 0:04AM
Royal Run Around !

About 12 days ago I signed up with Verizon for DSL internet and phone service. Times are hard, and the old Comcast triple play is eating my bank account alive; so I had to do something. So, they sent me an email saying welcome to Verizon, and directing me to their website to find out what is next in the process.They gave me a login ID to use, (which of course did not work!)So I started calling customer care and got the unbelievable robot shuffle just trying to talk to a real person.When I finally got one they told me my modem and cables were on the way, and I would be up and running in no time! (Yeah, right!!)
About 4 days went by, and no modem, but I recieved an email telling me my service was ready and I was going to start being billed from that date.So I called these idiots to see what was going on with the modem, and they said they would take care of that, and over night it to me right away : that was 5 days ago.Add to this the fact that the phone didn't work either. They claimed it was an inside problem, so to have someone check out the problem would cost me $94 the first hour. So I came home tonight from work and no modem still. So I totally lost it and called Verizon and totally unloaded on them, and basically told them to store both of their services where the sun don't shine!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2AD594

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11/10/10 | 3:39AM
The same thing happened with me. I got the modem but they gave me the run-a-round about there being a problem with the line etc. I used my calm voice until that idiot pissed me off and then I politely informed her that she may want to start recording. I told her in no uncertain terms that verizon reps and dept didn't have a clue as to what they were doing and I was cancelling.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5C52F1

12/23/18 | 10:00AM
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pattyew11 - Verizon H8er ID: C066B0

01/21/19 | 8:51AM
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Jamessmads - Verizon H8er ID: 44C76E

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