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11/10/10 | 3:45AM
Verizon Horror Movie?

I got services with Verizon Wireless in May of 2010. The first phone they sent me was awful. A Samsung Saga. I had to get a replacement phone three times. Then they told me to go to a Verizon store. I went to the one in my city and the guy looked at the phone like I was crazy. He said he could do nothing. That they have not sold this phone in a long time. I called Verizon to tell them, I went to the Verizon store. Then I told them what the sales person at their Verizon store said about their phone. That I have from them. Therefore they sent me another phone the same one that the Verizon Sales person at the store said that they have not sold in a long time. I had another problem with this phone they looked it up and said the phone was discontinued. Then they send me another type of phone a HTC Ozone. I used it for about a week then the phone started having static on my end when I would make a call. I called them they trouble shoot it. Said the speaker was blown. They sent another HTC Ozone. I could not get it activated I called them. Finally got it activated. I go to make a call. The phone just shuts down. Nothing will not come back on. Call them again. They trouble shoot. Now they go back and fourth with me about this phone. I ask to talk to a supervisor. Finally I ask for a different one. I found one on their site. She said yes she could send that one. That she would send it that day. I would get it the next day. No phone the next day. I usually get a e mail saying that a phone was sent. I did not get that either. I call them. They told me it is waiting for approval by a supervisor. This did not make any sense? The Woman I talked to the day before claimed she was a supervisor. I go round and round with them. I talk to another guy. He said the phone will be sent today. He texted me a order number to check on the Verizon site. I tried and it said there is no such order. I have been without a phone for over a week now. I'm paying for services that I can not use because I have no phone. Verizon finally after two weeks did send me a new phone. They told me it would be over night shipping. But every time I called them. There was a problem. Either with a supervisor approval witch I still did not understand when I talked to someone who claimed they were a supervisor or there was a problem with the shipping. Therefore I was without a phone for two weeks and still paying for services. When I had no phone to use. Now I get this new phone and Verizon talks me into starting a new two year contract with them. Otherwise they will not activate the phone. I'm threw with them! I'm NOT paying my bill! I went some where else!

djnightshade99 - Verizon H8er ID: 1A8B3F

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