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11/12/10 | 17:43PM
Egregious business policies and patently fraudulent billing practices

I would have never thought that a company,that requires people to communicate as their primary vector in generating business revenues, could pursue such egregious business policies and patently fraudulent billing practices. Have they never heard of the World Wide Web and understand that people will communicate their experiences to others and broadcast them for the whole world to see? Well, here's mine... About eighteen months ago I signed up for their $89.99/month plan for myself and a friend (the bill has NEVER come close to that amount). The first round of billing, exceeding $300.00, was supposedly to cover excess voice usage. After speaking to a Verizon rape-specialists, I was told I could "upgrade" for a small difference in package price. The next month saw little change, I was then that texting was increasing the bill. I spoke to my female friend, who had the other line, who said she would reduce the use of the texting. The costs lowered a little; though still exceeding double the original plan costs as advertised. Then the bill shot back up again. Over $850.00 !. The Verizon rape-specialist told me that is was data charges this time. I told them to either fix the billing or to shove their phone and their service. The rape-specialist did agree to use some lubricant and reduce the bill to about $350.00. He also recommended a change in the plan to "lower the cost". He said the if I signed up for a $140.00/month plan I would have unlimited everything...talk,text and data. And yes, I fell for it. The next bill shows up for $560.00. I went off-the-rails. I mean I was livid, and had a lot of trouble maintaining my composure on the phone with several Verizon rape-specialists. But I lost it when a Verizon rape-specialists told me that the charges were for "premium messaging". I had no idea what this meant and the Verizon rape-specialist has having a lot of trouble explaining it. Several sites on the web, did not. As it turns out Verizon allows third party vendors access to your phone to do what is called "cramming". Not only is this highly objectionable practice an annoyance, but Verizon has the audacity to charge the consumer for the privilege of getting third party emails to try to sell them crap they don't want! And,then Verizon has the balls to tell me that the "unlimited" data and text package doesn't cover the charges incurred by their giving third parties your number so they can bombard you with text and email ads.

I have dropped the service and all I can do is work to educate others on the malefactorous practices of this company.

chris - Verizon H8er ID: F94FCA

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03/15/14 | 23:43PM
I have freakin had it with verizon!!!!!! Friends family, if you have verizon RUN!!!! 15 years I have been a verizon customer. 15 freakin years!!!! In the past year I have been lied to, scammed and manipulated. Let me tell u my story. To start, My contract dates back to the altel days of unlimited data. Verizon has been trying to get me to change my plan for two freakin years because they DO NOT want ANYONE on the unlimited data plans any more because that plan is way cheaper and they can charge way more for only 2gigs, 4gigs, 8 gigs etc... So of course I don't want to change my plan and have not but they can't make me change unless I make a change to my plan. Ok so most of you know I am a state of Kansas employee and I have enjoyed an employee discount of 15% for almost 4 years, we'll suddenly out of the blue I get a letter about 6 months ago that says I have to verify I still work for the state, I do so as requested and think all will be gravy. oh NOooo, all of a sudden my discount isn't being applied and I'm calling in every month complaining and every month they are applying my discount. So they use to auto give me my discount now all the sudden because of my old plan I have to call in every month and ask for it. I was pissed but ok whatever, now this month I call to get my discount and they say well, actually because of your old plan we won't be giving u a discount anymore!!! But and here is the kicker, if I change to a different limited plan, they will be more than happy to give me back my discount. Every month the story changes, they say they will call u back, they never do. WE aren't alone in this either. Checkout http://www.verizonrape.com
And http://www.hateverizon.org
And http://www.verizonsux.com
And http://www.hateverizon.com
And http://www.hateverizon.net
This company is HORRiBLE and we are DONE!! Spread the word people and god help you if you shill have verizon cause your time is coming. All they care about is money!! Much love everyone!!

Mrs beck - Verizon H8er ID: 96B690

04/16/19 | 12:20PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: FAD9D0

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