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11/17/10 | 19:47PM
Verizon Took Our Money, And Wants To Charge Us More?????

I need to say, first of all, that I am usually a very happy Verizon customer. But all of a sudden, this week, it's all gone down the drain.

My husband and I, recently married, had just combined our Verizon accounts in October of 2010. When taking a look at our bill, due the middle of November 2010, I noticed our bill seemed higher than it needed to be. So, by digging into our bill, I noticed that we had an additional service on our bill.

It is for a Verizon Broadband Connector, with which users are able to connect to the internet from anywhere while having their device plugged into the USB drive of their computer. When my husband had it, it worked really slick.

However, my husband went into a Verizon store in Minnesota in October of 2009 and asked to cancel that service, as he didn't need it anymore. He was asked to then pay a $15 service fee for canceling, and he went about his day.

In November of 2009, the service was on his bill again. He went into another Verizon store, this time in Arizona, and said that he had just canceled that service, and needed it taken off his bill. He as then credited $13 on his December bill, as canceling his service was between two billing cycles, and everything seemed fine.

And then, in March of 2010, the service for the broadband connector showed back up on his bill. And since he paid his bill automatically, he had accidentally been paying for this service for 8 months.

Paying for a service that he didn't realize was there, because he had canceled it. Twice.

So, aside from Verizon suspiciously adding services back to our bill and ignoring our requests to cancel it, they had been hoarding my husband's money for the last 8 months.

As soon as we saw this on our bill, we called Verizon Customer Service. After explaining our situation to a nice customer service representative, who took a look at our bill and the data usage and noted that we indeed had not been using the connector, he said that he would contact the original store in Minnesota to verify that we had canceled our plan, and they would call us back the next day.

Well, my husband received a call back the next day, and was told that, since we didn't keep our receipt indicating the cancellation of the broadband connector, they could only refund us half of the total amount we had overpaid (half would be about $250). My husband asked to speak with a manager, and was told that one would call him back before the end of the following day.

The following day came and went without a word from Verizon Support. So, this morning, my husband called Verizon back again.

This time, not only was he told that customer service representatives cannot connect with each other - rendering it impossible to get ahold of a CSR he chatted with the other day - he was told that in order to cancel the broadband connector, he would have to pay them $150 service fee.

To pay THEM. AGAIN. After Verizon had already been taking our money for 8 MONTHS.

We are still working with this incompetent company to get our issue resolved. Though I don't hold out much hope after so many instances of poor communication, billing manipulation and money stealing.

Dana Notman - Verizon H8er ID: 28B675

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