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11/24/10 | 18:02PM
Just a land line, is that so hard?

I only have a land line with Verizon but they haven't serviced the line in over 10 years and yesterday the line was dead (for about the 4th time this year). They won't be out to fix it until Monday. So I will go a week without service. Anyone want to bet what will happen if we refuse to pay for the week we didn't have service?

MT Clarity - Verizon H8er ID: 995FC4

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11/27/10 | 16:09PM
when you have problems with your land line and call for repairs always request no front end close out. what happens is when u call in a trouble,the company says we will be out in 3 or 5 days but in that time they test your line through the day from the office and see if the problem has cleared up. whether the line is static,or dead if the test in office cmes up ok then they cancel your order and call you tellin you its all fixed when in reality the line dried out or fixed itself but the next time it rains,snows,is windy or is humid the line will ddie again. this is why your line has never been fixed. also make sure the tech leaves a card on your door tellin you what was done to fix the line. if no note,then a tech has not fixed your line but rather mother nature has.huge scam

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 979E65

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