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11/29/10 | 18:18PM
Took my MONEY!

When I called to set up Verizon FIOS internet, I was promised the first bill to be 54.99. Install waived. The guy came out, installed it in the wrong area of the house. Said it would be easiest for him to put it there and would not put it in the room I wanted it in. Could not get any internet signal from my room. The guy installed it right next to my garage! Called back and complained. They scheduled another guy to come out to move the router with the fee waived. He didn't show up. Had to call back and complain. They took 3 days to call me back about scheduling it. Finally scheduled it, a new guy came out and moved the router to the room I wanted. I didn't receive a bill in the mail nor can I get it online cause they keep logging me out everytime I want to see my bill. All of a sundden, MONEY was taken out of my bank account. They took out 98.16 without telling me! THEY CHARGED ME FOR THE 2ND GUY TO COME OUT AND MOVE THE ROUTER CAUSE THE FIRST GUY WOULDN'T DO IT. BULLSHIT! Called and complained. They constantly hung up the phone while I was on hold, waiting to talk to someone. So I had to keep calling and wait FOREVER to talk to somebody. NOBODY over there knows what the fuck they are doing. They transferred me left and right, back and forth. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY DAMN MINUTES I WASTED?! Everyone I talked to said they will refund the money, BUT when I spoke to someone higher they said I will not be getting any refund. WTF?! This is bullshit. I HATE VERIZON WITH A PASSION!!!

Wants2KickVerizon - Verizon H8er ID: 698D75

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12/30/10 | 1:17AM


I RECORD all conversations with verzion AND follow up EVERY conversation with a paper letter summarizing promised actions.

I like to give notice that I too am recording the call during their announcement of call recording.

With a follow up letter for every converstation and a recording of every conversation I have it locked down tight. Now I even record conversations with field managers or agents without their consent to cover all my bases.

With ViaTalk prefixing the verizon contact number with *99 automatically records the call

so for fios "service"

*99 1888 553 1555

If you don't subscribve to viatalk, a voip (internet phone) service, you can record calls free with a headset, a SIP client (software) capable of recording, and place your call through a free toll free SIP gateway

Small claims court grants some leeway with recorded conversations and does not look kindly on liars.


Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: B7CB8C

12/30/10 | 1:20AM
make installation CONTINGENT on


yes, the guide will work
yes, the internets will work

and thank God, you will be able to replace their shitty GAYtway with a mature ethernet device. Connect their CPE moca bridge inside your LAN and everything will wokr peachy fine

(works for me this way)

Showed the installer all the items he claimed would not work... in their working state

field tech training is mostly lies.

Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: B7CB8C

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