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12/04/10 | 4:51AM

I work for verizon, Im a retail sales rep. I would say 85% of customers problems are self inflicted. Verizon as a company spoils their customers to no appreciation. Verizon DOESNT MAKE phones however we warranty YOUR purchase as a courtesy. Most of YOU CHOOSE to buy 'FREE" phones or the "cheapest thing ya got" and then bitch and moan that the cheapest wireless device you could find malfunctions after using it every single day all day.
Now its MY FAULT and you need a new phone that works, right this second because your life is so important. But not important enough to invest in a quality device.
Hey but you pay your bill on time. Tell this to your cable company when your tv breaks see where that gets you. Half of you clog up my retail location with stupid questions or stuff you could do online at home, but hey I get paid alot of money to help you with your mundane bullshit so I wont rant on this.
The truth is we as sales reps put up with alot of Bullshit from the most ignorant,rude ungrateful assholes over a stupid phone. Most of the stuff I see tahts wrong with your phones is user error or having unrealistic expectations from your device.

Verizon Sales reps base salary is 40k with top reps pushing close to six figures. We are competent,hard working,professinal people. I personally, love my job and enjoy most of my customers. I find ways to help , I will bend policies and make exceptions even when your a dick if I or WE screwed up. IF WE SUCK AND YOU HATE US GO TO AT&T OR T-MOBILE WE COULDNT CARE LESS AND PROBALLY DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH YOU. I HAVE QUOTA AND A MORTGAGE BUY SOMETHING.

Cellysell100k - Verizon H8er ID: 6706C1

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02/25/19 | 21:20PM

Beispess - Verizon H8er ID: 90747B

05/13/19 | 21:25PM
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charmaineyp16 - Verizon H8er ID: 95B403

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