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08/19/06 | 5:25AM
Some Truth About Working For Verizon

I currently work as a technician in a Verizon retail location, and I would prefer not to disclose my location. Now, for those of you who may not know, technicians, or, as the signs above our heads read, "tech support", don't work for Verizon. They're employed by an outsourcing client named Solectron. (You can clearly read the company's logo on the sleeve of their tan shirts; check it next time, if there is one.) I have been in this nightmare of a job for about half a year now, and I wonder at how I've been able to make it thus far. I have had the worst experience with all sides involved. I have been verbally abused by a Verizon manager, I have been conspired against by Verizon management, and I have repeatedly had my dignity stripped. Verizon one of the main villians in my life, and I hope to god that they collapse one day. Technicians are basically the bitches of the stores...they get nothing for what they do. They make $11-$12 an hour. And for a customer service job, that'! s actually not bad. However, they politics of the whole thing has evolved into something more insidious that it was conceived to be. For the past several months, techs have been expected to meet sales quotas for data and accessories. Their job descriptions were rewritten to include this. They have to sell at least $900 in accessories a month, or their state of employment will be questionable. They receive no compensation for their efforts such as the Verizon employees do. It's all a sham for after market sales. Verizon and Solectron are partners in the crime of robbery from customers and their own employees. It's not fun to be exploited, and it's also not that much more fun to be screamed at by customers (victims) and treated like a second class citizen by Verizon employees while it happens. Scheduling was also an issue...sometimes, we are made to work seven days in a row, and they can get away with that, apparently, because they have the excuse of it being a "retail enviro! nment" to fall back on. There were other times (months, actually) wher e there were only two people in my department (and customer service as well) working per day. That means one employee gets to open (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM) and the other one gets to close (1:00 PM - 9:30 PM). We had to take our lunch within the first three hours of work, and the rest of the shift we could not take any sort of break because of no coverage, not to mention the non-stop lines. That is highly illegal. I have also witnessed a manager directly ordering someone not to go on break when it was her right to, even when she had coverage. 98% of Verizon managers are all fake...all they care about is climbing some meaningless ladder by cutting off the heads of their co-workers and destroying their personalities in the process. It is an extremely vicious and cannibalizing environment that I wouldn't wish on anyone...except perhaps the people that I met there, because no fate is bad enough for them.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8F61DC

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03/29/11 | 14:19PM
I'm not sure about the name of the movie but I think there's a movie about used car sales called 'Suckers'.

After being screamed at and being told I was idiot because I didn't want a free phone for 30 days by a Verizon Wireless saleman and/or supervisor I could not help but think about that movie the lead character Reggie. Just watch his talks about customers and how to deal with & think about them.

Ironic that a used car transaction is quite similar to a cellphone sale.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 79DA2C

12/18/11 | 3:44AM
I'm sorry you had to go thru that. I totally understand your frustration.

VZScks - Verizon H8er ID: 16B40E

05/12/19 | 12:54PM
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howardtn2 - Verizon H8er ID: A35BD8

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