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12/06/10 | 20:12PM
Verizon Wireless Sent Me To Apple

I wrote an email to the president of verizon wireless because I could not get decent coverage on my street, in my back yard, front yard -- anywhere in my development. We have 100+ homes in this development, across from us 300+ homes. Forget about service INSIDE the house - drops calls all the time. In fact, got a call back from the secretary of verizon wireless who, agreed that the call quality sucked, but also wanted to relay that "there are other carriers in my area and that I needed to check into them." I was floored. After 20+ years as a customer, through their various companies leading up to Verizon Wireless, they basically told me to take a hike. So we did. My entire house gave AT&T a chance and the iPhone - and we LOVE IT!

So thanks to that verizon wireless president and his secretary for opening up my eyes! I didnt realize just how pathetic of a company it was until they told a 20+ year customer to leave.

Anyone realize what the TOTAL lost revenue of a customer is? hehehehehe. They are buffoons.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 24A2C5

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02/28/19 | 6:43AM
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kathrineui18 - Verizon H8er ID: ADFD27

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