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12/10/10 | 18:25PM
Mobile BB 5GB for Blackberry

I discovered that there were two internet services tied to my Blackberry curve phone.
One was unlimited data plan needed to operate. The other was some sort of 5gb mobile broadband plan. Each plan was effectively $30.00 a month.
The mobile broadband plan supposedly allows you to tether the Backberry phone to share the internet. That was something that I never did.
I only found this out when I attempted to switch the Blackberry to a new Samsung phone. At that point - I could not delete/cancel the second internet package online. I had to call support.
I asked what that service was and it was explained.
They did a good enough job explaining ---- but I also ended up paying for a service for 20 months that was not needed nor required nor do I recall ever adding it to my phone.
My Verizon bill is complicated enough - I have a family share plan with 5 phones on it. The bill averages over $200 a month.
Shame on me for not catching and questioning this earlier.
I asked fro a refund. They gave me a month's credit. I asked for a full refund - after long conversations that invoved supervisors - I was offered a 6 month credit ($180.00) .
That was OK - but I still felt like this was something that should not have been charged for at all. It definitely was not ever used.
After contacting the FCC and speaking to the assistant to the president of Verizon Wireless - they decided that the 6 months credit was sufficient.
I then emailed the President and received a call from the same gentleman the next day.
They have now given me an additional 6 month($180.00) credit. But I had to agree to consider this a closed case. So I do consider it closed. I am happy that they credited me with a year's worth of service - I am not totally enthusiastic about the outcome, but consider the case closed.

Michael D. - Verizon H8er ID: D65267

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04/28/19 | 9:47AM
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rodneyxi16 - Verizon H8er ID: 9035BB

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