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12/11/10 | 18:57PM
Try signing up for Verizon/MCI's long distance

Tried signing up for Verizon/MCI's long distance service and then calling back to get something resembling "Customer Service" -- clarification and proper resolution! Almost all their customer service reps are pretty lousy with English (because all routine customer service calls are shipped out-of-country somewhere like Mexico or Guatemala). Clearly Veriaon/MCI's customer service reps are very far removed from the product line and how it's supposed to work. Calling them stupid, or dumb as a bag of hammers would be another way to say it!

If you have or are about too sign up with Verizon/MCI, don't! Or you'll soon become acquainted with a place known as customer service reality hell, and the Planet Verizon extraterrestrial life experience.

All their routine customer service reps are out on some strange planet. Where..? Some South American jungle would be most likely venue; fresh from a mud or stick built jungle hut. These people are not only very bad with nominal conversational English; they are primitive-minded and not acquainted with very much modern telecommunication technology.

I, and I'm sure others here, simply must come to no other conclusion than Verizon/MCI Inc. does this on purpose; it's apparently intended to confound and frustrate their paying customer-base into docile Verizon corporate submission.

From what I am seeing and experiencing Verizon's CEO, Ivan G. Seidenberg, is a real spoiled brat in this equation.

W.J.S. in San Jose, CA - Verizon H8er ID: 1E43DD

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02/23/19 | 0:25AM

Heiste - Verizon H8er ID: 346AC9

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