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12/15/10 | 9:58AM
Beware of failure to cancel account!

Four hours of my life GONE.
Verizon store manager failed to cancel my service when I turned my phone in on day 29 of the 30 day "Worry Free" trial deal. (Service and phone were not to my liking.)
So, additional monthly charges for a phone I didn't have along with a contract commitment began to rack up.
And the Collections calls began.
It's over now (supposedly), but not before 7 phone calls with CS and Collections, plus a 40 minute visit to the store trying to get the manager to sort it.
In the end, Verizon accused ME of causing the problem by not going to an official Verizon store (despite 100% Verizon branding, it was not a corporate store), and then telling me they did me a favor by waving the additional months and early termination fee---! WTF?!
Three separate times I was told I owed nothing and the phone calls would stop-- but I kept getting bad info from all three entities: CS, Collections, and the Store.
Oh, and don't expect one to call the other and help sort things out-- it's all on YOU.
I wish I could exact some justice from these idiots.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 82588A

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12/23/10 | 17:22PM
When I upgraded from DSL to Fios they overcharged me for the Fios and never cancelled the billing on the DSL. Called up and they admitted the mistake and said would credit $209 for the 5 months they billed me for DSL I did not have. Next day I get an email that my credit for $31 had been approved. Just sent them an email questioning the status of the balance and if this is not confirmed I will contact my credit card fraud department and have them charge back the charges. But this is only the latest in a litany of VZ horror experiences. Phone support is impossible to get the right person without spending hours on hold, explaining your issue to several people in a row, getting transferred then disconnected, calling back again, etc. You do get a response from email sometimes with an answer that makes sense, but then often what they tell you does not match with reality when you get the bill. Then they were mistaken and give you a different answer, till the next bill, been doing this with every Fios bill for 5 months, haven't gotten a correct one yet. And this is the tip of the iceburg. Actually chat did work correctly when I had a technical issue. But the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. One employee told me they did lots of layoffs and as a result have had all sorts of screw ups.

D - Verizon H8er ID: 0EC13B

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