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12/27/10 | 22:18PM
verizon is a red evil communist form of network communication

A story about how verizon raped America's capacity to communicate (abridged)oh by the way this is a satire...Ha!

In the beginning of the Information age, there were tin cans with long strings. Lines of string were connected from home to home on cut up pieces of timber.Some guy named Bell along with some other guy named Edison and some other guy which history has ignored mentioning (who I will ignore too for this satire abridged version of how verizon communized the communication industry) came up with the bright idea of translating stuff we talk about into codes that could fit into pulses of electrical energy...so the tin can was replaced with a plastic version of the tin can which we call a telephone...then some other smart guys started working in groups and in labs and the effect of teamwork translated into nets of work...networks. but the problem was that there were too many greedy Fools to know what the ramifications of a network was...the Power of Networks...so decades went by and the tin can line which became the phone line was then piggbacked by the "broadband" dsl adsl line...but they all used the same boring wiring schemes made by the greedy Fools who thought in short terms of profit instead of long term American Pure Power through networks...and so we...Americans lost years and years of potential Power/Work/Energy/Information...and then the fools with their simple wires and tin can lines realized that the infrastructure was too outdated so something had to be done...and then comes verizon with its "network" and swallows up the entire cobweb of tin cans and RJ45 lines and says look we have a "network"...to a FOOL...this is true...verizon has a "network" with little cell phones and even now fiber optics (which was introduced about 10 years too late) in select special (rich) communities....but now let us put the silliness aside and take a look at the verizon "network" which is really a blanket term for a blanket effect of pseudo-potential towards long term advanced communication and interconnectivity...verizon is big ...real big...but shallow...can you see it? it's just a big Red cobweb held together by the dinosaur age of communication...the communist communication empire known as verizon gives us...Americans...about 15% of the power of Communication,Information,Connectivity...Communication systems are ubiquitous but verizon only feels that way it is in fact hiding behind it's own shadow...verizon is a ghost of the T-Rex age of communication....verizon will go extinct. I hope we learn from this dying bird...for America's sake. God Bless America. Goodnight.

Marwan - Verizon H8er ID: AFE8BE

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