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12/29/10 | 0:45AM
Nobody will believe my story!

I have spent about 80 hours on the phone with verizon reps. NOTHING ever gets resolved. You get double talk, different explainations, and the usual " we'll call you back " from every different rep you speak to. I was charged exorbitant fees on my phone bill, and never got the bundle package price that I was promised.They charged me for phone, internet, and t.v. individually.
They gave away my home phone #. For almost a month, I had no phone! A rep called my cell phone 2 weeks after the i reported the problem. He told me verizon gave away my # and that he would try and get it back. When I called verizon to tell them my story, the rep called me a liar, and said " nobody from verizon would call and tell you that ".
They have called a collection agency against me.I have moved to comcast for 3 months with no issues.

The latest bull I received from a rep regarding my disputed outstanding bill was " we can't go back and change billing on a closed account" !!!!

These people are sick relentless liars. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM EVER. I am deciding on whether to pay the bill to end this absurd relationship, or call a lawyer.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 203DBA

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12/29/10 | 6:00AM
Did you try reporting them to the better business bureau? I reported them to the BBB. And I got out of my contract with them and no termination fees. Just a suggestion

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D37B43

12/30/10 | 0:57AM
your mistake was ONLY talking on the phone

I RECORD all conversations with verzion AND follow up EVERY conversation with a paper letter summarizing promised actions.

I like to give notice that I too am recording the call during their announcement of call recording.

With a follow up letter for every converstation and a recording of every conversation I have it locked down tight. Now I even record conversations with field managers or agents without their consent to cover all my bases.

With ViaTalk prefixing the verizon contact number with *99 automatically records the call

so for fios "service"

*99 1888 553 1555

If you don't subscribve to viatalk, a voip (internet phone) service, you can record calls free with a headset, a SIP client (software) capable of recording, and place your call through a free toll free SIP gateway

Small claims court grants some leeway with recorded conversations and does not look kindly on liars.


Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: AEA5E0

05/13/19 | 5:22AM
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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: 57B3CF

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