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12/29/10 | 23:16PM
pissed off

Verizon FiOS high speed internet service and telephone.
I had DSL, and was suckered into this bundle of money sucking voulchers with no way back. I used to pay $20.00/month, but now pay almost $115.00/month. Problems, you bet! And it’s always the modem, they say. Lol, there service is a joke, all there interested in is that you pay money and they spend as little as possible. They expect and demand you “the costumer” to do the trouble diagnostics with them over your cell phone for hours! Then when the new modem arrives 3-5 days later, you the costumer, the person who pays the bill for service is now suppose to repair to system. Then spend more time on the phone with them to finish the repair. When you’re done, you get to put the old modem in a box, drive down to UPS and ship it, all on your time. Now here is the best part, if something happens to this old modem (lost or whatever), they send you the bill for it as if it were new! How is that for service? Now I want to go back to DSL but they won’t let me! They say they don’t go back, disconnect only. So I said ok ill look for someone else, and I found out that they have a monopoly in my neighborhood on the phone line. So now I have to choices, cable, or satellite. And I need to cut back on spending money so I will have to cut it!
Also performance is faster the dsl, but, a big but, it sucks do to its not constant, it drops a lot!

Pissed off

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B42E49

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03/21/19 | 11:33AM

nuRnsick - Verizon H8er ID: 0AB6C1

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