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12/30/10 | 17:59PM
Charging for non-use of services!

i discontinued service with them on November 30. My new billing period (pay a month in advance) is/was Nov 26 through Dec 25. They told me that since they already billed me, I owe them the full month for access charges, despite not having cell service with Verizon... lots of emails and crappy service, I keep getting told over and over that "its in my contract" WTF?! It says in my contract that you will be billed for an extra month once you disconnect your services? I hated this since I had them, and the first chance I had when my contract was up I go to disconnect and they send me off with a Thank you for being a loyal customer, we are so sorry to lose you as a customer, but here is your extra month payment and now with the bill being due Jan 20, they are calling me and threatening collections! Nice- *&%$heads!

Carissa - Verizon H8er ID: D14A69

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01/29/11 | 8:37AM
did YOU READ the contract before signing it or did you foolishly rely on the ORAL summary of a store rep?

(1) NEVER try to "solve" anything with verizon by chat or phone.

(2) ALWAYS communicate with verizon with a typed, paper letter. Should they call back to discuss inform them you will only communicate by written letter and hang up.

Otherwise you'll get the by the book line "Agent YZ was not authorized to _____" and insert whatever deal/arranged made.

When you finally are tired of being burned take you stack of PAPER communication to small claims court. When verizon rep fails to show you win by default.

After any non-written interaction with verizon you should generate a typed paper letter summary of the interaction, what was promised by whom, and whatnot, giving them the opportunity to correct their position or not.

Too much abuse file a "formal complaint" with your [insert state here] public utility commission.

.... just say HELL NO to a new install as moca. DEMAND ethernet from the ONT or send them away. From a pure ethernet deploy VERIZON can deploy a westell or actiontech to bridge ethernet to moca. The well intentioned people at DSLreports aren't as savvy as they would have you thing. Ethernet from ONT is not only for dry loop (internet only) installs.

in the next PAPER LETTER you send them inform them of your intent to file with [state] public utility commission to give them once final change to equitably resolve the situation.

fios internet and TV, but ethernet from ONT - Verizon H8er ID: FDFDD3

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