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12/31/10 | 4:51AM
Eff This!

Verizon really does suck big ones. From crappy service to breaks in their network and god only knows what else, its a shame to say i have them and am stuck with them until i can get my own plan.

1. they charge constantly for things that dont occur on the phone at any given point. WHo the hell wants to pay for it? $2 for a ringback that you don't even hear!?! haha. I have a "smartphone" now so i dont have to woryy about music
2. I have the Devour. My second shitty phone from this company. Its one thing to not have service, big deal, i have an ipod touch with wifi and a phone that runs on wifi. still, i cannot make calls in my house and i do not receive any texts i get on time. there is usually a 3-4 hour backup on my texts. PLus ive gotten this phone replaced twice and my last one replaced 3 times.
What gives Verizon??

Danielle - Verizon H8er ID: CB460D

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01/03/11 | 9:16AM
Lmaooo time to get neew phone

Kris - Verizon H8er ID: 39C66B

03/29/19 | 9:32AM
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WilliamFam - Verizon H8er ID: 4D855F

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