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01/04/11 | 4:29AM
Used Car Lot Sales At Verizon Wireless

Used car, high pressure, manipulative,lying and unprofessional sales tactics at Verizon Wireless stores. One of my favorites is pulling out the calculator and trying to breakdown costs per day to make it seem lower than it is.

Did I mention that nothing is free unlike what a Verizon Wireless rep says. Hate to see the technical chincarnery they pull.

usedcarlotsalesatverizonwireless - Verizon H8er ID: D30F33

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01/29/11 | 8:14AM
they do honor them

did YOU READ the contract before signing it or did you foolishly rely on the ORAL summary of a store rep?

The fine print says verizon may replace the item with a "new, used, or refurbished" item at "verizon's SOLE discretion". They also have the option to try to "fix" your handset.

Thought you were getting a new phone? clearly you either didn't READ the contract or you did NOT UNDERSTAND it.


(1) NEVER try to "solve" anything with verizon by chat or phone.

(2) ALWAYS communicate with verizon with a typed, paper letter. Should they call back to discuss inform them you will only communicate by written letter and hang up.

Otherwise you'll get the by the book line "Agent YZ was not authorized to _____" and insert whatever deal/arranged made.

When you finally are tired of being burned take you stack of PAPER communication to small claims court. When verizon rep fails to show you win by default.

After any non-written interaction with verizon you should generate a typed paper letter summary of the interaction, what was promised by whom, and whatnot, giving them the opportunity to correct their position or not.

Too much abuse file a "formal complaint" with your [insert state here] public utility commission.

fios internet and TV, but ethernet from ONT - Verizon H8er ID: C06DCB

07/25/13 | 19:33PM
Nice response, but limited. Oral contracts can and do count, so long as they meet the legal standards for what constitutes a contract.

Also, filing suit is lovely, but you must know WHERE to file it, meaning a physical address. If you do this, you must get either a process server (you cannot serve someone if you are a party in the lawsuit)or send a letter registered mail, and by all means any correspondence with Verizon via mail should be done this way. You must always practice good consumerism and get names, dates, times and record them.

Verizon has a thousands of reps in many capacities, so don't count on someone not showing up and winning by default. Even if you do, you must collect, it is not automatic and liens have a shelf life...you must also prove your damages. Think about it, you're bringing suit YOU MUST PROVE YOUR DAMAGES, otherwise your case will get thrown out. Small claims court is not an amateur show.

Always read what you sign, and for verbals, make them write it down and date and sign it.

This would be something that, if you didn't get a remedy legally, you could take to the FCC and file a complaint with, not to mention your state Attorney General. Don't mess with the BBB, they have no real power.

Do your homework. Many cities have free legal clinics where you can meet with an attorney for free for a half hour. If you feel you've been wronged, try that. Bitching in a forum like this is just that....bitching. It alone won't change this.

Legal Eagle - Verizon H8er ID: A929ED

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