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01/04/11 | 21:13PM
bait and switch.

My husband and I have been cable TV subscribers for decades. The things we value about our cable TV service most is the ability to watch movies "On Demand" & wireless broadband service. When my neighbor directly across the street suggested we try Verizon FIOS we thought we'd give it a try.

I spent countless hours with a Verizon rep arranging for the installation for FIOS TV. Verizon's website for FIOS is very deceptive and at no point along the way was I informed FIOS was not available on my side of the street. When the installation crew from Direct TVshowed up at my home we thought they operating under the guise of FIOS. Much to our dismay FIOS and Direct TV are two completely different technologies; and that VERIZON would simply be our internet supplier. The installation was a hellish experience and we were left with unsealed holes in our roof,coaxial cables which were unneccessarily cut, and my neighbors were left without Comcast service or Internet... (they sent our modem to Hoboken.) (i cant make this stuff up) (and no...we do NOT live in Hoboken).It is beyond me how you are able to deceive the consumer public and thrive as an organization with such a fradulent approach to the way you conduct your operations. From the moment the installation crew showed up, it's been one disappointment after another.

Verizon/Direct T.V.'s deceptive marketing practices must stop. I have already contacted the F.T.C., my senator Robert Menendez , and the Consumer Affairs Department of the Attorney General's office.I implore you to stop your fraudulent practices and cease/desist decieving the consumer public. I did not, nor did I ever want, Direct TV. I returned the equipment after 3 days and WANT OUT. However, much to our dismay, my husband and I received a bill from Direct TV for $369.95, and a bill from VERIZON for $160.98. For what? I NEVER RECEIVED THE MODEM!!! I NEVER GOT INTERNET SERVICE!!! It is unconscionable to expect us to pay for what amounts to unprofessional, unethical, and misleading business practices. My level of anger and cognitive dissonance is immeasureable. I feel my consumer rights have been grossly violated. There's is no way my husband and I are paying anything to anyone in relation to this experience.WHAT AN UTTER NIGHTMARE THIS HAS BEEN!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 68BCE9

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01/29/11 | 8:05AM
(1) NEVER try to "solve" anything with verizon by chat or phone.

(2) ALWAYS communicate with verizon with a typed, paper letter. Should they call back to discuss inform them you will only communicate by written letter and hang up.

Otherwise you'll get the by the book line "Agent YZ was not authorized to _____" and insert whatever deal/arranged made.

When you finally are tired of being burned take you stack of PAPER communication to small claims court. When verizon rep fails to show you win by default.

Too much abuse file a "formal complaint" with your [insert state here] public utility commission.

fios internet and TV, but ethernet from ONT - Verizon H8er ID: FF142F

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