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01/06/11 | 2:54AM
let down

So I've been with verizon wireless for about 2 years with my dad.They were cool at first and we had a plan for 85 bucks and we were supposed to get 750 minutes.They told me on my phone included in the plan i had unlimited texting and internet.Well our bills started of at 85 then every other bill would be more than $200.A year later mt dad added a cellphone for my mom but my sister ened up using it.Our bills started coming out 500 and $600.So we changed our cell phone plan to unlimited eveything.That was suposed to be no more than $230.Every month our bill was coming out $600 and $700.It ended up getting to $1121.That's just ridiculous.That bill was too high for no reason(remind you we have unlimited everything)They kept making up a bunch of lies.So then they turned the phones off.They said we had to pay like $524 before they turned them back on.We paid that and we are still having problems.Every month our bill is like $400.They claim we're paying the difference of our last plan and the new one.Like each month?It's stupid.My dad got a upgrade for $50.The manager in the store told me i could get a upgrade between thanksgiving and christmas.I went up there dec. 11th and the manager was there.I asked him if could still get a upgrade and he was acting confused then he was like oh yea but he asked someone else in the store to see if i could get a upgrade.The lady said oh no yu have to wait until jan. 5th.He lied in my face.So it's January 5,2011 and this is the day of my upgrade.I was told all i have to do is bring my phone and the value of your phone will determine the cost you pay.I have a pretty nice phone(omnia 2)So i wasn't really worried about it.When I got to the store i told them why i was there,for a upgrade.The guy asked me what phone was i looking at and i said the droid x.The guy told me that i have to pay $300 and i'll get a 100 mail-in-rebate.So me keeping my phone for this long to pay $300,no.I paid like $600 for the omnia 2.My dad had to pay out of his pockets because dumb verizon wireless dropped my insurance.I mean it is not my fault there are so many theives in america.I will either get the phone for a cheaper price or i'll go with another company.Oh yea,verizon tells people it cost $175 to drop a phone line,that's not true.My mom went up to verizon to drop the lines and they said my mom's phone which is a flip phone will be $110.My dad's(which is a slide up mirror phone)will be about $175.Then my phone(which is the smart phone)would be more than $200.They didn't say this from the get go.If i would have known verizon was this bad i would have never went with him.The guy workers are friendly but the girl workers always have attitudes,like hey you chose this job.I wouldn't advice anyone to go with verizon wireless.Atleast not the one's in st.louis,mo or to make it more specific not the verizon on N.Lindbergh rd in st.louis,mo.Im just very let down.

sadly let down - Verizon H8er ID: 9A49ED

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