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01/12/11 | 15:57PM
My conversation with Verizon today:

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. (10:05:42)
Agent Stallan has joined. (10:05:42)
Stallan : Chat ID for this session is XXXXXXXXXXXX. (10:05:42)
Stallan(10:05:47): Welcome to Verizon Online Sales Support! Thank you for choosing Verizon. What services may I help you learn more about today?
You(10:06:37): I'm trying to sign up for the Double Play w/Internet and phone and the price suddenly pops up to 69.99 from 49.99 a month. Can you hep?
Stallan(10:07:02): I will be happy to help you with that.
Stallan(10:07:17): For better assistance, May I know which plan do you have right now from Verizon?
You(10:07:57): No idea :) We have phone service and internet. My phone # is 607-988-9575
You(10:08:12): Our contract is due to be up shortly
Stallan(10:08:33): Let me get you a link to checkout the plans which you have right now.
Stallan(10:08:42): https://www22.verizon.com/ForyourHome/Registration/Reg/OrLogin.aspx
Stallan(10:09:02): Please click on the above link, and let me know once you are on the Add and Change services page.
You(10:09:02): But I don't want those plans. I want the 49.99 plan
Stallan(10:09:42): To get the $44.99/,m you will need to have a new Home phone and Internet services accoumt,
Stallan(10:09:47): account-*
You(10:10:42): So, Verizon wants to lose my business rather than offer me the best deal?
Stallan(10:12:17): I am sure that when you ordered the services you got the best deal, and moreover the $44.99/m plan is for the promotionl period, and it will change after the period ends.
You(10:13:27): But that promotional period is two years. Again, is it possible to get the best deal, rather than lose my business to Time Warner?
Stallan(10:14:02): The plans which you are able to see on your order page, are the plans which you will be eligible for.
You(10:14:28): Is it possible to speak with a manager?
Stallan(10:15:13): Please give me a moment.
You(10:15:32): Thank you
Agent Mark has joined. (10:17:53)
Mark(10:17:53): Hello, this is the Floor Manager, please give me few moments to review the conversation.
Mark(10:20:18): I understand you already have the home phone and Internet services and would like to upgrade the bundle to $69.99 a mo one. Am I correct?
You(10:21:03): No. I'm a current Verizon customer with my contract soon to be up. I'd like the best deal possible for my services (49.99 mo for basic Internet and basic phone).
You(10:21:08): No upgrades wanted
Mark(10:21:48): The $49.99 a mo bundle would be possible for new orders.
You(10:21:58): Why does Verizon want to lose my business to Time Warner rather than offer me (a returning customer) the best deal?
Mark(10:22:13): I am sure being an existing customer you did avail the promotional offers when you order with us as a new customer.
You(10:22:23): Not my question
Mark(10:22:43): Believe me, and I am sure you would understand and agree that no company would like to lose a customer.
You(10:22:53): Isn't it cheaper for Verizon to retain a customer than to get a new one?
Mark(10:23:03): As to my understanding existing customer's are the brand ambassadors of every organization.
You(10:23:33): I know you're towing the company line here, but can there be an exception made?
Mark(10:23:43): However, we can never lose a customer just by giving a misleading information or a mis commitment to retain them or get a sale.
Mark(10:24:03): We would have loved to give you the exceptions if we had any.
You(10:24:08): Then why doesn't it say 49.99 but not for current customers?
You(10:24:13): Isn't that misleading?
Mark(10:24:23): For now we do not have any ch offer wherein we can reder the $49.99 bundle to an existing customer.
You(10:24:39): Mark do you have a manager # I can refence?
You(10:24:48): Sorry, reference
Mark(10:25:03): It shows on the main page, i.e. the home page. And the home page always shows the advertisement of an organization's one of the best product.
You(10:25:18): Huh?
Stallan has left the conversation. (10:25:33)
Mark(10:25:48): We would not be able to give all the details on the home page about service availability.
You(10:26:13): Because the page isn't big enough?
You(10:26:33): Maybe Verizon needs to investigate smaller type....
Mark(10:27:18): That is the reason we have options like, 'check availability', 'enter user ID Password' etc on the page to get the exact details of a bundle or product.
You(10:27:23): Again, do you have a manager # I can reference?
Mark(10:28:23): We would not have a reference number; however,you can always refer to Mark from online sales chat department.
You(10:28:38): Gotcha. And you're a manager?
Mark(10:29:18): Absolutely correct.
You(10:29:38): Thank you.
Mark(10:30:18): My pleasure, would you like to go ahead with the selections and proceed with the order process?
You(10:30:48): What do you think, Mark?
Mark(10:31:38): I would recommend you go ahead as you would get one of the best services and prices with us. With regards to services, I am sure your experience has been a good one till now.
You(10:32:44): Verizon can't do much for me, so I don't feel the need to do business with Verizon. You've been lovely and I appreciate your time.
Mark(10:34:14): It is so unfortunate for us, that you feel Verizon is not able to do anything for you. Believe me we would do the best for our existing customers.
You(10:34:39): Except offer them the lowest price for services
Mark(10:36:59): Again to ask you, I am sure you would agree that no company would like to lose a customer. If there was any such benefit or offer for you, why would'nt we share that with you. Please understand, we need your business and appreciation for us and we would do any thing to get that; however, I request you to understand the business part too along with our limitations.
You(10:38:29): And while I'm extending my understanding and compassion to Verizon, I'd ask them to do the same *for an existing customer* and offer me the lowest price on their services.
Mark(10:39:54): I hate myself on not able to get you what is desired; however, I would have again have to say that we would not be able to negotiate the online prices.
You(10:40:59): Mark, clearly you can't/won't hep me get the 49.99 plan today. I appreciate your time and will refer to you in glowing terms when I sign up with Time Warner.
You(10:41:09): (And please don't hate yourself.)
Mark(10:42:15): I thank you for being so kind to me and also to understand my/our limitations.
Mark(10:42:45): I would still strongly recommend you to make the selections and proceed as you would find it worth.
You(10:42:55): Greed is more of a sin than a limitation, wouldn't you agree?
You(10:43:39): Nevermind. Thanks for your time.
Mark(10:44:29): I appreciate your time too.
You(10:45:10): Awesome.
Mark(10:45:29): Would there be any other questions that I can assist your with? I would be glad to.
Mark(10:45:34): Would there be any other questions I can assist you with?
Mark(10:45:46): I apologize for twin responses.

(At that point, I just left the conversation open. Mark clearly didn't give a s#$!.)

J. - Verizon H8er ID: 3BA573

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01/14/11 | 6:31AM
They don't give the deal to you because the computer program they (and we...I did work for verizon at one point) use does not allow them to make that change. The only bundle their system will allow is the 69.99 offer. Now, I didn't read through the whole conversation because I've heard it before and dealt with conversations exactly like this. But I do know they have what's called "lec retain" and there are offers up to about $20 for exisiting customers. It's an additional discount to the bills...won't change the bundle price.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6B5B74

01/29/11 | 2:50AM
(1) NEVER try to "solve" anything with verizon by chat or phone.

(2) ALWAYS communicate with verizon with a typed, paper letter. Should they call back to discuss inform them you will only communicate by written letter and hang up.

Otherwise you'll get the by the book line "Agent YZ was not authorized to _____" and insert whatever deal/arranged made.

When you finally are tired of being burned take you stack of PAPER communication to small claims court. When verizon rep fails to show you win by default.

internet and TV, but ethernet from ONT - Verizon H8er ID: E42413

01/30/11 | 19:15PM
Stop whining and pay for what you want!!! If you think 69.99 is too much money then find some other CHEAP service to go with and stop complaining. Get over it and get a life!!@!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4CB0F2

04/08/19 | 4:31AM
- http://www.people-eye.com.tw/

Jerrynulse - Verizon H8er ID: 384C71

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