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01/24/11 | 2:07AM
Sending jobs to India !

My sister was a long time Verizon employee but was recently rift (fired)out of her job because Verizon would rather send their tech support calls to India rather than keep Americans working. This is common place with all American companys and that is why our economy has gone down the toilet. Thank you Verizon for taking my hard earned American dollars and paying them to Indian employees.

Sarah Gumnick - Verizon H8er ID: 602B60

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01/24/11 | 11:37AM
The RIF package is to only reassign work. Our group has been under 2 hr mandatory overtime for weeks on end. It's cheaper to assign overtime than to train new USA workers. That is going to slow any improvements in our economy. Verizon has no intention of trying to improve their service or returning jobs back to the US , so I say there is no need to business with them !!!!!

Service Rep CSSC - Verizon H8er ID: 996D7C

01/24/11 | 15:57PM
They did the samething in the mid 1990s with the field techs and support. The second & third landline business during the internet bubble shot demand through the roof. Many districts already behind in routine replacement/upgrade just played dutch boy with the outside plant. Many got addicted to the overtime so much so that just a reduction from 20-40 hours to 10-20 hours devastated many. There were also alot of ploys to keep that OT going including the techs "instructing" loaned out techs to do the bare minimum which let the plant and workload deteriorate more.


Many hired in the late to mid 90s got layed off early this decade when the bubble collapsed unless they were in a more critical title. The old ma Bell employees hung in til the bitter end.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2C33B9

01/24/11 | 16:45PM
Being downsized or outsourced at Verizon is nothing new. Especially with call centers. The CSC went from local to district to regional to regional with other outside reps handling calls.

This one big reason you never ever let a Verizon manager or supervisor tell you'll have a job or career for ever. You must remember even though many old ma bell employees are gone they indoctrinated many of their successors with the lifetime job mentality or sense of entitlement.

This is exactly why you take your spare time and money to go to school for anything that could lead to another job. The unions can only do so much. As matter of fact it pays to job hunt while gainfully employed at Verizon. No supervisor or union rep can guarantee you a job period. You are replacable as a tech or service rep. Verizon holds no exclusivity on technology or training.

I don't care what you mommy or daddy or buddy or the old timers did with Verizon over the years. The past is GONE. This attitude all stems from the old ma bell monopoly days and a sense of entitlement that only you could do the job and the customer had no alternatives. Those monopoly days are gone so should that mindset.

Long story short do NOT ASSume you have a career at Verizon or any where else for the matter. Make yourself employable elsewhere. Learn to invest on your own, do not rely on a pension or buyout. The union and monopoly mindsets give the employee a false sense of security.

As someone who has worked for and as a contractor for an RBOC YOU ARE HIGHLY REPLACEABLE ethical/logical or not.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2C33B9

01/27/11 | 14:48PM
the contract is up this august so its assumed in the company that a strike will happen. verizon wants to hire all new workers at half the wage. sooner or later ,most unions will be powerless because all the company has to say is we dont have the money for these people. this year will be a very very bad negotiations and many employees believe that a strike is imminant. the union discreetly tells the members to go slow so that the work lasts longer. its gonna be a bad year for the union.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 395CED

01/29/11 | 2:39AM
unions are doing a FANTASTIC job convincing american companies to outsource labor to other countries

way to go union fops!

internet and TV, but ethernet from ONT - Verizon H8er ID: 702132

10/04/11 | 12:38PM
We need to push our lawmakers to force American companies to hire Americans first, before any work is outsourced. No jobs should be outsourced until every American that wants a job has a job. Why should my daughter with a bachelor's degree go without work because the work went overseas. This is her country, her birthright. Let the slumdogs work to fix and build their own country. Must we hand them ours. They talk about the benefits to American companies from outsourcing. How many Americans could have jobs if CEOs were not paid millions and millions each year? Wake up America, stop the bleeding before our middle class disappears.u

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 25C4ED

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