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11/07/16 | 1:50AM
Cannot Access Router Settings

Fuck Verizon. They have worse costumer service than the local nasty as fuck, crack den, heroin hooker hotspot of a convenience store, that lies within my very ghetto and inner-city neighborhood. I refuse to call and even attempt to waste my breath speaking to one of these god awful heathens, that may or may not give me a single droplet of false hope with their lies.

For hours, I have been hopelessly resetting my router and putting in every possible combination of default usernames and passwords and every single word or number combo on the router's label, these attempts were to no avail.

All I am trying to do is access my damn router settings and port forward for a game after it mysteriously stopped working, which might be Verizon's fault. I wish there was a possible way to see if it is or isn't but there isn't, as I can't even log into the router's setting page!

I've been surfing the internet tirelessly for a solution so I can avoid the the mistake of contacting these demons they call "Verizon employees," who aren't even worth two pubes on a nutsack or the shit smears on my toilet paper, and most likely carry the putrid stench of fly covered rotten fruit and crusty asscrack.

I want to take a massive steaming shit and send it to the CEO's house but it would be an insult to my feces.

Austin - Verizon H8er ID: E01C5B

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11/15/16 | 2:42AM
LOL. At least you made your gripe funny with a fecal reference or two.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2189D1

05/14/19 | 21:26PM
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lilliehi60 - Verizon H8er ID: 33A367

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