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02/02/11 | 0:52AM
How is this company still in business?

I joined Verizon two years ago (2008). I had been undergoing a hard financial time and my parents put me under their account. I was to get unlimited text and talk for around $50 per month. That is not what I ended up with. They charged me nearly $70 per month and I hated the phone.

I attempted to make changes to my services to lower the prices, but they told me I was not the account owner, even though my bill came to my house and I paid it. My father called Verizon several times and instructed them to allow me unfettered access to my account. Yet, despite his contacts and my contacts with Verizon, it takes them months to remedy this situation.

Eventually, I attempted to change the phone and Verizon advised, it was too late and if I wanted a new phone I had to add a line.

Sadly, I added the line and was then paying nearly $90 per month (approximately twice of what I was supposed to be charged in the first place).

Nearly, a year later, I began to experience problems with the Motorola Rival and went to one of their Portland stores to have it replaced. The store associate told me that was not possible, the phone was out of warranty, per the employee.

I called Verizon, explained the problem and they sent me to 'tech support.' I went through the voice prompts, and each time I did this, my call was terminated. Eventually, I made it through 'voice prompt hell' and spoke with a tech rep. They agreed to send me a 'new phone' and an SD Card for my troubles.

My 'new phone' arrived (addressed to my father). It wasn't new. It was 'reconditioned' and did not come with a battery, or a back cover, much to my surprise. I went through all of the written instructions provided by Verizon to activate the phone, and the phone did not work properly. Finally, after calling Verizon tech support, I get 'Back up Assistant' to download my contacts.

I contacted Verizon, and explained my displeasure at receiving only half of a reconditioned phone and not an entirely new one. It has been my experience that once you take a phone apart, it often falls apart on its own (the back comes off and the battery will fall out). I explained my concerns to Verizon; they did not care.

Two months later, my 'new' phone (Motorola Rival) started to malfunction. The screen turns, and stays, white. The phone cycles through my contacts and sends text messages. To say the least, it was disconcerting.

I contacted Verizon, yet again, and they promptly send out another reconditioned phone to my address (in a box addressed to my father). Everything goes fine until I attempt to run "Back up Assistant" to retrieve my contacts. Thus far, I have called Verizon a total of nine times and visited one of their Portland stores, in an attempt to retrieve my contacts, to no avail.

When I visited the store, the associate told me, the contacts would be on my phone in the morning, because that is when the phone is set to back up its contacts. This was not the case. My contacts were still, and still are missing from my phone.
I contacted Verizon for the last time today, regarding my “Back up Assistant” problem. The tech support person said, there was a problem with my phone communicating with the network. He gave me a trouble ticket and eventually, my contacts were on Verizon’s “Back up Assistant” website. So, I run “Back up Assistant” yet again to download them onto my phone. The “Back up Assistant” asks for my password, which I enter. The phone states, the password is incorrect, so I ask for the password to be sent to me. It is, and it’s THE SAME PASSWORD THAT I HAVE BEEN ENTERING.
I called Verizon for the final time and was put through the entire “install and uninstall "Back up Assistant," remove the battery, dialed *228 to program, and reprogram the phone”, routine as instructed by Verizon tech support personnel.
My contacts are still not on my phone. I am an honor student and member of several academic honor societies, currently working on an advanced degree in business. I am completely fed up with Verizon (and surprised at how they could be successful with such inferior customer service) and when my contract ends next month, they will have lost my business FOREVER, and I will tell anyone that will listen, my Verizon horror story.

Brian G. - Verizon H8er ID: 384703

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02/04/11 | 22:01PM
maybe if you read up on a phone before buying it, you would have known that the motorola rival is the biggest piece of shit ever manufacured by motorola. Anyone who ever gets a replacment for a manufactuer defect gets a certified like new replacment, not just you princess. And duh the phone is going to come addressed to your father, it's his account. You'd think an honor student would think to get a better, more mature phone, not the rival that was targeted for preteens. But no, the smart business major made a bad choice in phone, and wants to direct their anger on verizon, who had no part in even making that phone.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 877A92

02/17/11 | 0:17AM
Obviously the one replying above to this story works for Verizon. Maybe he chose a bad phone because the great customer service that the reps at Verizon stores are so quick to bragg about, wasn't there. I think arrogant uneducated people work for Verizon, which is why you are putting down his education credentials. That's o.k., Verizon. I believe you get back waht you dish out in this life.
Sorry this happened to you. Classic Verizon.

Stefanie - Verizon H8er ID: 3FD804

07/27/14 | 22:24PM
verizon has the worst customer service ive ever seen . how is this co in business? i have no clue. they wont bend for the customer. i hate dealing with them.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1C6C27

05/23/19 | 10:11AM
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tiaqw1 - Verizon H8er ID: B49A96

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