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02/02/11 | 20:13PM

Statement of FACT’s

1. They VERIZON knew they had no signal in MY area (on a Hill 08012-4727) and sold me the plans and the usb and the phones - FRAUD!
2. Their ENGINEER further said, “a lot of complaints in this area 08012-4727” and there is "NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES”; however (the RED VERIZON MAP shows the connetivity pins) - Misrepresentation!
3. They have given me Credit for early termination due to "NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES” & “a lot of complaints in this area 08012-5727” for the USB, But not for either of the two cell phones. THEFT BY DECEPTION!

1. I have complained about the connectivity and dropped connections (2) two cell phones and (1) usb internet device(s) for over a year and then...

a. They verizon issued a trouble ticket after a years worth of complaints.
b. Their engineer, - after a (3) three day study - said, "NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES” & A LOT OF COMPLAINTS IN THIS AREA”

2. They issued a credit for early termination (USB)

They keep changing the bills even though...They ADMIT BOTH Phones and the USB are Disconnected and Their ENGINEER said, "NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES”!
Phones use same signals "NO RELIABLE SIGNALS” and NO CREDIT - just threats of collection agencys!

3. Why are they billing me for NO RELIABLE SIGNAL and threatening me with a collection agency after crediting me $160.00 for the no USB SIGNAL (internet). Remember phones have internet signals - “NO RELIABLE SIGNAL” & “A LOT OF COMPLAINTS IN YOUR AREA” as stated by the VERIZON ENGINEER for the 08012-4727 area?

((USB) (856 745-3084) - (Phones) - (856 885-0578) & (856 885-3476))

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 661E29

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