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02/03/11 | 4:02AM
Verizon Disconnects Loyal Paying Customers

The reason I had to stop using the Verizon email account is a funny story. I have been a Verizon DSL customer for about ten years and I was not looking to change service. On Saturday morning, I found I was not able to download my email. I was receiving a negative acknowledgement from Verizon. I logged on to Verizon’s site to check the status of their service and to see if some email configuration parameters had changed. The site told me my email accounts had been locked and I needed to call technical support.

I searched the site for a technical support number. None was to be found. Just an un-helpful IM robot named Melvin. I looked up their number elsewhere and navigated IVR heck to get a human. The technician said his name was Laurence, but he could not pronounce his own alias. He sound more like his name was Prasanna Jayawardene. He told me my DSL account was shutdown and he did not know why, and he transferred me to a different department. A few departments later, no one could explain why my account was shutting down, but a local exchange women told me I would lose DSL service in the next day or two. I told her to stop the disconnect order which I had not authorized. She said they could do nothing until I had fully lost service and my account completely shutdown. After my account was completely “out of the system”, she could create a new account for me. I asked her how long that would take. She said about a week.

I pressed her about why my account was shutdown. She called the DSL billing department. I was not allow to speak to them. I had to wait for her to return with an answer. They confirm that I was fully paid up. That they had received payment for a full month on June 13th, yet the bill department had ordered my account cut off.

I pressed her again as to why the bill department had stop the service of a customer in good standing. She called them again. They called another department that decides who’s service should be terminated. The told the billing department that told the customer assistance person that told me that a “SELECTION ERROR” was made. I image the selection error was something like this:


So this is what customer service promised to do to help me out since it was not my fault
1. Refund 45% of the current month’s payment since the month was not yet half over.
2. They promised to cut off my service in one hour to two days.
3. They promised to help me sign up for new service when they notices the account termination was complete. Unless it was Monday, which is busy, so they are not allowed to help customers.
4. They would waive the signup fee.
5. I would need to sign up for a minimum of two years service contract.
6. My two email account on Verizon had already been destroyed and people emailing me were getting bounced. I might be able to get my same email addresses again, but they were not sure.
7. I would be without internet service for about a week.
8. I would need to reconfigure all my equipment for the new account after it was activated.

Wow, it was just fantastic what union telephone works are willing to do for their customers! And it had only taken me two hours on the phone to find this out. Of course they had not bothers to phone or mail me their decision to discontinue my service. The customer service representative did tell me that the bill department notified me of the cut off by email after they terminated my email accounts. Didn’t they ever read catch-22?

That Saturday, I searched the internet and found local Wimax service in Baltimore. I went to the mall and purchased a wireless router for $80 from XOMH (that is pronounced zohm). I was able to set it up and activate the service in an hour. The communication is three time faster than DSL on update and download. I benchmarked it. This is no advertising bull. XOHM home service cost less than half per month what I was paying Verizon for DSL. Also, no longer term contract is required for service.

Thanks Verizon for forcing me to switch ISPs.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C20B98

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