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02/04/11 | 3:23AM

im trying to order the iphone at 3am because i think it is going to be a big deal, and it is an absolute nightmare! First it took forever to load each webpage but that wasnt even the main problem. I order it and it says thank you your order has been confirmed and is now pending when i look at my verizon there is no history at all of me ever preordering it so i do it again. I get an email as i awake saying that my order has been accepted for my first attempt. The email i put down for the second attempt (the email that verizon says my mom uses) isnt even a real email so i cannot check to see if she is being charged for that or not and i also will not be able to cancel it if she is. I hear some peoples iphones have already started shipping so i go to check my status and can no longer access my verizon or my order status which worked fine at 3am on the preorder time. F U Verizon

P$ - Verizon H8er ID: 22B3CC

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02/04/11 | 21:47PM
why don't you call customer service to confirm your order? Even if your preorder didn't go though, iphones are not going to be shipped until 2/10, the official release date. You can preorder again on 2/9, or you could just go to the store on 2/10 and pick one up. Even if you have to go to the store, you'll be getting it the same day as everyone else, preordered or not. Stop flipping out over a fucking phone. Getting the iphone is not a life or death situation. Calm down.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9946B9

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