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02/06/11 | 20:03PM
FIOS and Wireles screwing

Called Verizon just to find out where I can get an additional HD box. They told me where to find a dealer and when I asked they said $9.99 for the box. Comcast is free. The rep then told me about a great deal where I can get the quad play so I can get one bill instead of two and I would also get a $10.00 a month discount for the quad play plus a $20.00 discount per month which I don’t know why but who am I to argue. My existing plan included Showtime which I seldom watch but she said I could also get HBO and Cinemax for 6 months free. Didn’t care but the $10.00 and $20.00 a month discounts sounded good. She then had me listen to a Verizon audio announcement which said I had to commit to another 2 years. I don’t like contracts and I told her she didn’t mention that. She said “you can cancel within 30 days if you want”. I said OK go ahead but I may cancel. The next day my Showtime, Mav TV, Tennis channel and some others disappeared. I called in to find out what was up and the new customer rep said the girl I spoke with had no authority to give those two monthly discounts. This new rep said I have to talk to that first rep again. She put in a message for rep #1 to call me back but that never happened. Called again and waited for call back but it never came.

I am not about to call Verizon on a daily basis and the ball was in their court. I then took a trip to Canada and before using my Droid I got on a chat with a Verizon rep to make sure my plan would cover calling and internet in Montreal. He said yes. Two days later I get a bill for $284.61. Called Verizon and this rep could pull up my online chat and said that I was indeed misinformed and should not have been billed. She even called back a few days later to confirm it had all been cleared up and I would not be billed. Of course my new monthly bill came and there was the $284.61. Big F%$% surprise.

So here on 2-6-11 I called in again and spoke with another rep and explained experiences, the false quad play discounts and package along with the $284.61 charge. First thing she said is another group handles the wireless cell billing. Awesome! Typical Verizon. If you offer single billing offer single point of contact for all billing. I told the rep I wanted to go back to my original contract so I could be closer to ending my contract with Verizon. She could not help so I escalated to the next level and she said it is impossible to get out of a contract. Like we are talking about a major corporate merger here. Such BS. I told her to take me to her boss and now I have to wait up to 72 hours for jack ass #3 to call back.


In my opinion there is no difference in quality of picture between Comcast and Verizon.
The 25mb speed is as fictitious as the video quality difference. I get 15mb on average.
Verizon reps don’t even understand what they are selling.
MY father-in-law and sister=in-law both started getting charged for cable channels they did not ask for. The former is 82 years old and was happy just using the old antenna so he would never ask for HBO but it appeared on his bill.

Had Comcast for years without only a few manageable issues. Looked to save a few bucks but definitely not worth it in switching to Verizon. I am now trapped in the abyss of Verizon red tape.

If you are happy with whomever you have now stay put!

DL Bos - Verizon H8er ID: 14C0E8

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