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02/10/11 | 19:01PM
they dinged my credit

As best as I can recall around the first of November 2009, I called Verizon to have my service disconnected at one house and moved to another at the end of Nov. I was told could get the FIOS package at my new residence. Then somehow I found out that I could not get the computer part except through a third party. After looking into it I decided on a Time Warner Package, and so called Verizon to cancel the transfer. Then in the middle of November my service was off. I remember it was a Friday and I called on my cell phone to find out what was the matter thinking the servers were down as has happened in the past. I was informed that the service was disconnected as my order. When I complained that it was not to be off till the end of the month , I was assured that it would be corrected the first thing Monday. Monday came and went, and I called again sometime that week and explained the situation again. I was promised it would be corrected. However, I never did get service again at least while I was there. I moved Nov. 30 , thinking I would get a final bill for the part of November I had service. I sort of forgot about it till I received a bill dated January 3, 2010 for 338 dollars showing that I had been charged for service those months and for installation, etc. I called Verizon right away thinking that I was being charged service which I had cancelled back in November when I decided on Time Warner. The Person I talked to “Carla” in St. Louis, at first couldn’t figure where the charge was coming from and why the service was still on at the old house. (Thinking someone had done it in my name). At that time it was unclear what had happened, but she did a disconnect order ( 0c7909053), and told me the charges would be taken care of. I figured I owed a closing charge , but the bill was so confusing with the added charges over the time it was supposed to be disconnected that I was going to wait for a correct bill. My bill for Nov. 11, 2009 was for 59.68, which was due on Dec. 4, 2009 and looked like a closing bill. That amount I failed to pay and forgot about it in the moving, and it was forwarded to the Dec 10 bill which had all the new charges on it that said I was being charged for service Dec 10 to Jan 9. Plus installment fees etc. which I already went over. On Feb. 3, 2010 I received another bill from Verizon with minor corrections saying I owed 296 dollars. I called Verizon again and was told that I had requested the turn on at my old address after I requested the turn off. I tried to explain again that I wanted the turn off at the end of Nov. 2009 but it had been turned off 2 weeks early and I called to get the mistake corrected. I talked to a supervisor who insisted it was my fault and that I owed what was on the bill. I called the number given on the back of the bill for disputes, but it is a false number. I called the State consumer protection agency , but they said there is no protection from Verizon. I got letters from 2 collection agencies, and sent them letters of explaination, but never got rplies. I found out recently after being turned down for a credit card that my credit report was dinged, after haveing perfect credit for years. I could pay the dumb charges, but I hate to give Verizon a dime after all this trouble they have caused me. Signed, I want to sue

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B59A33

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05/27/11 | 19:16PM
The same happened to me. I am glad to have our politicians "protecting" american consumers. Wonder if the banks, after screwing the economy, have their FICO score fixed?

ted - Verizon H8er ID: 875DD9

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