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02/10/11 | 20:04PM
Landline dial tone - PAH! Cell service? Forget it.

I live in a rural area that is not serviced by cable, DSL, and I cannot get a cell signal at my house. For us it is satellite tv, satellite internet and a landline.

The entire time I've lived here (11 years), I have dealt with losing the landline for up to 2 days, several times a year. With no way to communicate with emergency personnel (some of my neighbors have outages at the same time, some don't), I consider a landline vital.

A few years ago I complained to the Dept. of Telecommunications in my state and immediately received a response. A Verizon regional manager said - no kidding - "We were about to call you anyway, to tell you we're upgrading the circuits." Excuse my language, but bullshit.

Supposedly, the system was upgraded. Solve the problem? Of course not. We're still experiencing the same quantity of issues. It's gotten so that every time I'm down a landline for more than a day, I call the Department of Telecommunications - which apparently is the only way to get a straight answer from Verizon.

Unfortunately, the last time I did that, a Verizon district manager told me they were "looking into it."

This is a village-wide problem - I'm not the only one with issues. We've had Verizon reps scheduled for public hearings with residents of town for which they did not show up.

I heard through some town officials that a class-action lawsuit is being brought against Verizon for poor quality. All I can hope is that our town gets on that bandwagon and can recoup enough money to force a solution in our town

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CF6767

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02/11/11 | 16:54PM
Verizon doesn't want to handle government mandated landline/service yet they'll still bill for the money they do make from the poles and cables on public rights of ways. Ever since the break up in 1984 they have been trying to get out of copper landline.

The techs looked at the existing copper plant as repair/service call overtime so they never really fixed plant over the way they should have. Management did NOT help either by giving them impractical productivity goals and poor training. They're attitude has been ' util we get rid of it ' but actual maintenance-pppfffftttt.

Upgrade circuts in the future doesn't mean squat now. And those 'upgraded circuts' will probably be fiber in which you will have to pay additonal for a landline.

Since you've gone to the state utility regulators and I would go to the local better business beauru or dept of commerce. Then go to the federal government ie the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission since you not getting what you paid for.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5BCC26

02/18/11 | 0:50AM
Good luck...........That will not do you any good. First I believe the BBB has nothing to do with Verizon, That's what the FCC is for and the PUC,DTE or whatever the organization is called in your state. But you are correct when you say Verizon is not putting money into old copper plant. Just not worth if for them to put money into old technology. Fiber is the way to go at this point in time until wireless takes over completly. Look at it this way.......if you had an old car that continued to break down would you keep throwing away money to repair it or would you invest in a new one???

And second, the copper feeder cable bringing phone service to the other gentleman has to have the defective area located by a seasoned cable repair tech that knows what he is doing. Sometimes the plant does not have to be replaced in its entirety. It just need a specific spot repaired.

I know this.....I have over 20 years with verizon as a install/repair tech, cable repair tech,engineer, and field manager.

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: FDA225

02/18/11 | 18:56PM
BBB has nothing to do with Verizon or utility regulation but they do have powers with business in general. By not getting service the customer is not getting what they paid for, even if they're refered to the local utility regulators it will be more statistics that can be used for better utility regulation.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5BCC26

02/18/11 | 19:06PM
Forgot to add in my dealings with the old ma bell techs/management and company the company puts time constraints on the techs which gives the outside plant techs or cable repair tech incentive or even mandates to drop or switch the customer to another set or pr of copper wires. In other words they may restore service to the customer but the same problem that triggered the problem is still there in the cable creating
additional problems in the future.

Repairs, new copper or flatout replacement is not the customers problem: service is. Service is Verizon's problem. Unless they are going to discount their service for being on old plant or of poor quality then they had better fix the problem.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5BCC26

02/19/11 | 23:25PM
Did the town officials ever follow through with a lawsuit? If nothing perhaps the lawyers can help expedite complaints with the utility and/or business regulators in that state.

It sounds like Verizon is 'waiting' for that old copper plant to replaced with something probably fiber. Copper is the original and/or oldest tech out there. I can't believe Verizon doesn't have any techs or management that can trouble shoot copper. Every district/garage has a go to tech and/or management that they go to for problems like this.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5BCC26

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