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02/11/11 | 15:13PM
worst service in world

Why does the FCC let Verizon get away with this. Just ask any Verizon person to tell you what your bill will be, they can't tell you? Ask the explain your bill, they give you some explanation that they back up with what...your bill! I wish to GOD there was another option than Verizon. They make Comcast look like saints. I posted my original complaint on my3cents, I also complained to the FCC about their billing. My first bill with FIOS was double what it should be. Would they fix it, nope, instead they will credit my next bill. Then, just try to understand the next bill, or the one after that which corrects the 2nd bill. They have zero accountability, and there is no government regulation over what I think are illegal billing practices, since they won't tell you in advance what your monthly bill will be. Their customer service people are all stupid but act like they know what they are doing, but then no two of them will give the same answer 5 minutes apart to the same question. I am disgusted with them, I think they are crooks, and I cringe at the fact that they now control so much of the internet. Those folks who are against government control of such big corporation should just have to deal with Verizon to realize that anything is better, including such government run programs as Medicare, ObamaCare, Social Security, any of them. Verizon is living proof of the dangers of largre corporations and deregulation.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 78CFF7

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02/11/11 | 22:03PM
laying off employees , receiving govt contracts and have found a legal means to avoid federal taxes on the recent sale of 14 states that they served. all protected by the US govt on each slap on the face of consumers......

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 31A190

02/26/11 | 1:52AM
Verizon IT department is in India. They outsource some if not all FiOS tech support. DSL tech support is in India. You can't understand them and they can't think outside of their scripted cards. A vast majority of customer support related jobs are no longer handled by employees. Jobs are being outsourced. People are being laid off, given packages to leave and the jobs that should be given to the people in the U.S.are being shipped out of the country. Why? MONEY and CHEAP Labor. Bills are screwed up, because every two months they change promotions. No one can keep it straight. Simplified bills, streamline website design. Please! How hard is it to debit an account on time and correctly? Their track record is awful. The last several months they have either not debited the account or duplicated the payments. Then have the nerve to tell you that they are not paying any interest. Nice! PUC is a great word to know. File a complaint. You do get results. Write to the corporate office in NY, send it to their Executive escalations group...The more complaints the better. Maybe then we can say "can you hear me now."

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 31A190

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