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02/13/11 | 22:44PM
Transition from Alltel to Verizon

P.O. Box 105378
Atlanta, Georgia 30348

Return Office:
Verizon Wireless
C/O New Breed Corp.
4320 N. Sylvania Ave,
Ft. Worth, TX 76000

October 20, 2009

Dear Verizon:

I am an ex Alltel Customer who was account is now Verizon. Am I regretful that Verizon has taken over the Alltel customers. I had Verizon for a short time in 2001, had problems with them, dropped Verizon, then went to Alltel for Cellular service. The current account has four lines. Three are voice lines, (mine, husband, in 2001, in 2004, added a third voice line. In 2006 a fourth line was added which is the broadband card. The card is used in the Compaq Presario laptop, and in the Kyocera KR2B mobile router, so I can use it with my other laptops.

In late August 2009 (around the 23rd). When Alltel was switched to Verizon, the Kyocera KPC650 broad band connect card started having problems. The card would connect, then drop me after about 15 minutes. This went on for about a week, I called Verizon for several days trying to get the issues resolved. I had a feeling the problem involved the switch from Alltel to Verizon. That the new Verizon towers and software needed to be adjusted/programmed to acknowledge the changeover from Alltel accounts. The location was in Marshfield , Mass, with ample cell signal strength. When I was in the same location in Marshfield Mass, 2008, the broadband card worked reliably. After several cellular phone calls to Verizon over several days, Verizon said I needed a replacement card, so they sent me a replacement. The day that the new card was scheduled to arrive, the original broadband card started working reliably. With my conversations with Verzion; they did not inform me that there would be a charge of $238.00, and that I needed to return the old Alltel broadband card. Verizon never told me over the phone or put it in the enclosed paperwork that I needed to return the old broadband card. I also was informed by Verizon that they would send an identical replacement broadband card. The reason I liked the original Kyocera KPC650 card is that is has a port for an external antenna for boosting signal in weak signal areas. The replacement card was a Kyocera KPC680, it did not fit in my computer (Compac Presario), and has no external antenna port. But, the original KPC650 started working reliably. So I kept the replacement card, thinking that there was no charge involved, and I would use it if the original stopped working. I did not become aware of the charges until I received and email regarding my latest bill, on October 9th. I was billed an extra 238.00. I called Verizon why and they said it was for the replacement card. I needed to send back the old card. So, I told them I never used the replacement card, because the old one started working. The replacement card sat in the box, unused. That was on Friday October 9th, I was told that by Verizon I could return the unused replacement card for a credit. They would send a FedEx box with the address. BTW: I asked Verizon for the address so I could send it back, but the Verizon operator would not give it to me. The delivery from FedEx never happened and I called Verizon back on October 20th. I was subsequently told me that because the card was not returned within 30 days, that they would not take it back. I again told them I was NEVER INFORMED of that policy.

From my dealings with Verizon nine years ago and most recently, I strongly feel that Verizon has
an entrenched corporate policy of mis-informing customers, withholding critical information when customers call with an issue, and withholding information on their paperwork. This needs to be resolved and corrected.

What I want done is this: The unused replacement card returned for a full credit of $238.00. The current Kyocera KPC650 is working reliably,

Old broadband card: Kyocera KPC650 (has external antenna port)

Replacement card: Kyocera KPC680 (No external antenna port)


BTW:: The card was returned and my account was credited. But, only after threatening to go to Florida Dept of Consumer Affairs.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 24F8BD

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