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02/16/11 | 23:09PM
Won't replace phone, won't cancel without fee

Like an idiot, I chose to do another contract with Verizon when the time was up on the previous. Almost didn't, but did...unfortunately. They hit us with huge overages the last time one time that were literally impossible and only after my husband yelled at them on the phone and was transfered to higher ups did we finally get the bill split, which still sucked. We had never even gone over before! Well, now our phones we got that were FREE with our contract renewal suck. The salesman barely explained any features to us and texted on his phone while he was supposed to be waiting on us. I almost walked out. Wished I had. They don't hold a charge and get online when you aren't even using them! Asked at 2 different stores to get new phones and got no help. At one store (In Maryville, TN) the smug arrogant salesman just said "I can't make you love your phone." and then took a phone call on his phone while helping us. No help at all. Even after I sent an email complaint to customer service. So I researched and found a legal issue with the contract where a fee had changed Jan. 1st so I was allowed according to their very own contract to cancel if a fee changed w/in 60 days by just calling without paying cancellation fee. The two S.O.B.'s that "helped" me at customer service just flat out refused and said that they couldn't control the change so it didn't count and talked down to me telling me their legal people knew what they were doing and if I felt I needed to take legal action I could. So, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and days have passed without so much as a reply from them! I can not believe how bad they suck! I am trying to figure out where to get the money to cancel and NEVER use them again. If I had money, I could and would have a lawsuit!

Stefanie - Verizon H8er ID: 98B35E

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02/18/11 | 7:58AM
Let me start off by saying yes, you are very much an idiot. A big fucking one at that. Why the hell is it verizons fault that you went over your minutes? And don't even tell me its "impossible" because you've neve gone over before. Well guess what bitch ice never had cancer b4 , doesn't mean I can't get it. Be happy with the credit (on the completly valid charge) they gave you. Oh and another big shocker the FREE phones you got with your contract are pieces of crap...well no shit! They're free for a reason. And Verizon doesn't make the phones the manufacturers do dumbass. I hate Verizon ad much as the next guy but I don't hate them because of the stupid shit I do like go over my minutes. Suck it up and stop your bitching

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B3AFBE

02/21/11 | 3:52AM
To the idiot that had the nerve to call this person a bitch because she voiced her opinion about HER service...First, learn how to spell DUMBASS!! Second, I'm not going to even express my disdain for you for fucking up the whole English language. Third, sweep around your own front door before you start sweeping around someone else's. Its funny how motherfuckers like you think you can bash the next person for their own damn opinion...looks to me you are the fucking idiot...Felt good to be behind your keyboard and call this person out on something you know nothing about...Then had the audacity to agree that you hate Verizon too, but called this woman out...YOU PIECE of SHIT..that's what you are..You are a lucky bastard...keyboards save a lot of lives don't it...if u would have spoke this language to me over a damn cell phone company, I would break your fucking neck and mop the floor with your ass....Toodles!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7E837A

02/21/11 | 7:51AM
To the dumb fuck that responded to my post. You know what I hate more than people that bitch to Verizon about how they are stupid enough to go over their minutes? Dumb pieces of shit like you that call out peoples spelling in their posts , its called t9 you fucking idiot. Its really sad that that's all you can come up with is to bash somebodies text spelling and then say how big of a pussy I am because I said all this shit online... HEY DUMB FUCK this is an online forum, what was I supposed to do ask this dumb cunt for her address and then pop by her house while we have this discussion over brunch? You fucking idiot. And id say I know a little about this kind of shit considering I work for the piece of shit company answering calls all day from faggots like you who think you're gods gift to Verizon because of the $80 a month you spend. And yes I do hate the company but mainly because I'm pissed that verizon let's whiny bitches like you have contracts with them because now my day is filled with dealing with EXACTLY what this cunt is whining about. People that just can't get it through their fucking head that they went over their minutes and then the ungrateful fucks aren't happy with the credit that they don't even need to give in the 1st place. So don't tell me that I don't know anything about this bitch. And trust me if say this all to your face , piss on your foot , fuck your mother and then never call her again. Come find me my names Andrew bockmen I live at 1110 south 9th street in bangor WI. All you'll be wiping up is your shut after I kick it out of you. "toodles"? Ha faggot

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B3091E

02/21/11 | 15:04PM
Sounds like nobody at Verizon realizes that they work for Verizon and not a manager who simply trying to manipulate or control their statistics by refusing refunds, exhanges and/or cancellations.

Judging by my experience with Verizon the knowledge base at the store level may prohit them from executing a refund/cancellation transaction. Verizon itself might make cancellations more difficult than need be to disuade the customer or even their own employees from doing one.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 25D74B

02/22/11 | 5:42AM
Andrew Bockmen I will see you when I touch down in WI and we gone see how bad ass you are....Toodles came from my girl because she read your dumb ass post...CUNT...lol...and you call me a faggot...dude are you serious...what dude calls a woman a cunt over a forum...LOL..u are a piece of work...You out of breath on that post huh...I can see your gayness through the keyboard...having to explain yourself like a Little BITCH....lol..Im so scared (sarcasm)...Go and eat your wheaties and find something productive to do...If you hate your job so much, then why don't you find something to do...there is always GAY porn..lol...Well, let me go back to my $75,000 a year job and count down the days I can leave my office to fly to WI to BEAT YOUR FAGGOT ASS for disrespecting women...your Mom and Dad should be proud of you....Mr, ooops I mean Mrs. Andrew Bockmen....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7E837A

02/22/19 | 18:16PM

Souffsit - Verizon H8er ID: 75EE25

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