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02/17/11 | 18:09PM
Ridiculous Landline Toll Charges

This past summer, I decided to drop my Verizon landline long distance in favor of using Google Voice's service, which allows you to make free long-distance calls from any landline phone. At the time I made the switch, I opted for "local service". I reasonably assumed that this covered my entire area code. As my Google Voice number is 215 (you use Google Voice by calling your Google Voice number, then following prompts to place a call), and my home number is area code 215, this shouldn't have been a problem.

Well, I've had repeated problems with Verizon not getting my bill to me and in general treating my landline bill like some kind of state secret. They could not register me for their online account management system except by calling me at home with a passcode. I don't have the internet at home and so am never at home when I try to obtain this passcode, but they refused to give this to me in any other way. So I've had my service cut off more than once because they couldn't send me a bill and I couldn't pay my bill online. I've at times resorted to going to a Verizon store to pay my bill.

Well anyway...about a month ago I dialed into my Verizon account to see what my balance was, and it was $360 for two months' service! I only have one bare-bones cell phone and my landline, and the charges should not have come to more than $80 for the two of them.

I called Verizon to ask what the deal was, I was told I had a lot of "toll charges" to a number I recognized as my Google Voice number. Apparently, in Verizonland, "local" only means some exchanges, not your whole area code. I refused to pay these toll charges but said I would pay what I owed for my regular local landline service and my cell phone. They said to dispute the toll charges I would need to have my bill. I requested that my bill be sent to me by e-mail to three different people, and never received it. I also haven't received it in the mail.

Anyway...my phone service got cut off again at a very sensitive time, and I went into a Verizon store, very irate, only to be told that "Verizon and Verizon Wireless are two separate companies," even though I had "One Bill" service from them, and even though I had arranged for my landline service in a Verizon store! They got me a CSR at Verizon. After being bounced around to 7 different people over nearly 2 hours trying to get the matter of these toll charges resolved and my service, I gave up, cancelled my account, and went over to AT&T. In the course of this, I discovered that Verizon has separate "billing" "payment" and "tolling" departments. What a mess! I am now setting up home phone service with Lingo, which will cost less for nationwide calling than I was paying for my Verizon LOCAL service.

If Verizon tries to collect on what I owe them, I will say that I am willing to pay what I owe for my landline and cell phone service, but I refuse to pay toll charges for calls IN MY OWN AREA CODE! It's ridiculous that any phone company does business this way in 2011.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 694BA0

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02/22/11 | 14:39PM
In your own words

"I reasonably assumed that this covered my entire area code. "

there's your mistake, it's not verizons.

Dan the man - Verizon H8er ID: 2A0DE6

02/26/11 | 1:08AM
How long have you have you had phone service? Seems like you would know your own calling ranges or at least have enough sense to find out. Any phone book has an outline of service areas. Trust me you will not win this battle. Can't blame them for not asking questions or doing a little research.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AD84AD

03/17/11 | 0:52AM
It's called LATA,Inter-LATA and InTRA-LATA . Local Access Telephone Service. This was created during the breakup of "MA Bell" You will NOT win this battle.

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: 10962C

05/11/11 | 17:04PM
well, this is not how Qwest operates in the Twin Cities area. ALL area codes in that area are included in local(free) calling plans. Of course the entire state isn't covered but at least you can call a fairly large geographic metropolitan area, unlike what I am finding now that I have moved to Northampton Mass. where you have to consult the phone book prior to making any call to see if it's a 'legal' call or not. eek!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 136175

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