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02/23/11 | 0:07AM
free 3 months of channels hbo cinemax etc

I had chosen the 3 free months of showtime channels (i wasnt even told about the promotion), a few weeks later (today) i decided showtime sucks, and i called to switch over the rest of my promotional period to hbo.

The rep that i spoke with named Danielle Carter informed me that it wouldn't be possible to switch because the system won't recognize the other channels as a promotion. So I asked her, "how am I supposed to pay for a product that I haven't tried?" This is the first time I have ever had a cable bill in my name. This is a definite sign I am truly an adult. LOL So she kept declining this opportunity with one of the most offensive remarks I have yet to hear in a business to a consumer, "well that's life." I was outraged. Just because you have bad things going on in your life it does not mean you take it to work and when one little thing goes wrong that you can just let loose on someone. In a transaction its between a business rep and a consumer. I was not offending her in anyway. I was just offering scenarios that could possibly work with their system. I would like to purchase these channels but when you have so many to pick from, how can you choose? In a store your able to return product in a buyers remorse period. So now Verizon is an exception to the rule? I had a cablevision rep come to the house and offer a year of a movie channel for free and that I can switch if I don't like it with only ~90 a month after taxes and boxes. I have had nothing but issues since I started with Verizon. First at the beginning when signing on I was offered $125 after taxes and boxes and my bill is now $135. Then they said that my first bill was gonna be prorated with charges of a month and a half and it was, but the second bill was still $135. It didn't go down, so what was I charged for $20 if I was offered free install and no act fee? Next I set up a payment arrangement online because I was late during christmas and then I called to have them cancel that arragnement so that I can pay the total balance not partial, and so they did, supposedly. Then I go to the my bank statement and I see 2 withdrawals from Verizon. I didn't care because its paid ahead but don't lie and say it was removed when I am requesting it to be removed. My money is not for anyone else other than myself to be messed with.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 660B66

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06/26/11 | 2:03AM
You are a complete dumba$$. Do you think that cable companies get channels for free? How about this, go into a very nice, high end restaurant and ask them to try the lobster.... but wait, ask them to try it for free before you actually purchase it you cheap a$$ ba$tard. Let's see how far that goes. I will bet you a thousand dollars that you get absolutely nowhere... oh wait, you cannot even imagine what a thousand dollars looks like let alone what a thousand dollars actually is.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 73FDAB

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