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02/26/11 | 8:11AM
Service is Horrific and detestable

I own/PAY for 2 lines that are now in different states. The service is ALWAYS - ALWAYS dropping calls - yet call into CSR one is worthless because they want both phones in my presence.Hello - itf I had both phones here why the heck would I be trying to call someone in the same room??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

One phone is in tulsa, and the other phone is either Tampa or Los Angeles...ALL metropolitan areas....I pay $200 per month and the service between the phone numbers is ALWAYS dropping calls....!!!
SO if the problem is the phone - DO NOT OFFER ME the CRAPPY phones!!! IF the Problem is your SERVICE *CHOKE* either give me my money back -
OR - OR - OR - DO NOT charge me to move my lines to a carrier that WORKS!!!!!
Verizon is THE WORST and should be ashamed of the crap they over-charge for and the WRONG advertising they are showing on TV. CSRs SUCK and are LIARS - do NOT tellme you never saw your commercials SAYING you cover 98% of the freaking nation...BS ...
WILL see my FCC complaint and it's not stopping there.....

Cookie York - Verizon H8er ID: 374E21

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: C49B8D

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