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03/08/11 | 7:53AM
Canceled home dsl and termination fee hell

What do you get from Verizon when you short sell your home due to a hardship, move less than 2 miles away to a likeable neighborhood and want to transfer your dsl line over to the new home?
Guess what...with Verizon you start Veriza-hell!
Yes, I called them and kindly asked to transfer my dsl line to my new home and the rep told me the house I was moving to had "old phone lines" and were incapable of dsl as I knew it. Are you kidding me I asked? No sir, dsl is not available, you will now need to sign up for FIOS!
So, my bill jumps from $26.99 to a new $54.99 rate and they won't budge so I terminate my service entirely. HUGE mistake folks! Oh by the way they called this comparable service lol.
You see, I then get a termination fee bill of $70 thanks to my move. No other utility charges me like that to move BUT you said it, Verizon-pathetic!
Hours have been spent with every rep they have and hold after hold arguing my case and they claim that I broke the contract when I terminated the service and tough, you owe us buddy!
They also claim now that I had a contract (that I say was implied from the very beginning) with phone service and that when I cancelled my phone service and kept my dsl line they were kind enough to give me a lower dsl rate because I paid the "lower rate per month", oh how nice of them!
Anyhow, jump ahead a few months and a failed attempt to write them and explain my side of the story and how they (Verizon) might keep me happy for just a wee little bit of consolation on their part. But no,I now get a collection agency letter in the mail for the $70. How nice again!
Verizon, if you care...I have dealt with your crummy business office practices for years and this is it. I realize I will not beat you but in the long run I will...how?
The "250 Rule" which is that I will directly or indirectly tell everyone and everyone they might tell (and I mean everyone) of my total disatisfaction with your company, any of it for that matter. It will trickle down and I've had success already talking people OUT of your FIOS scam and my related business office trouble I've encountered each and every time. So there!
Better yet, when my 2-year cellular contract(s) expire in May, bye bye you idiots! I'm done and wish others would follow suit.
You are not a deserving company of anyone's business and you have to be the worst company that does business in the US, period!
thanks for the memories Verizon!
Take my $70 and use it for toilet paper because you did nothing than steal it from me...

I4u2fer@aol.com - Verizon H8er ID: 17325E

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