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03/08/11 | 10:22AM
Virizon tried to bend me over.

I used to have verizon wireless, i had already had enough of them (they upsold my mom to a phone she did not need by about 40 bucks a month) anyways I ended up switching to at and t, so far much better, anyways after two weeks of at and t verizon tried to bill me for a whole month when i had switched over the first day of the month, they kept spending bills. Finally they released my phone number to a woman, after countless calls trying to reach her but reaching me instead (they assigned her my phone number, she could make outgoing calls but all incoming calls went to my at and t account) eventually she called me on a separate (different number) line and explained her troubles.she asked me my phone number and it was the same as hers (her husband had been texting me thinking i had hijacked her phone and i got pretty mean with him not knowing where he was coming from) anyways... contacted virizon, they refused to hear me at first... looked into it, any phone number even if you have released it, phone companies must wait 180 days to reassign. i threatened to sue, they immediatly changed her number and dropped my bullshit bill. dont use verizon they will rape you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DFAF17

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03/09/11 | 16:09PM
I dumped Verizon wireless, switched to AT&T, dumped them and switched to Consumer Cellular. They are MUCH cheaper (and their carrier is AT&T), NO I mean NO hassle at all, very easy to switch and no contract. Great service..........And i'm only paying $20/month for 250 mim.

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: 7F3AEE

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