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03/12/11 | 12:59PM
Verizon hates college students.....

I am a 27yr old full time employee and a college student. I. go to the University of Phoenix at night online and I am close to finishing my BS program for IT/N. I went on vacation 2 weeks ago to come home to now DSL service, I have been on the phone everyday for a week now with several hours wasted per day trying to get my DSL service operational.
I was told a tech would be here on Tuesday at 8am, he never showed. But supposedly the ticket was closed and the problem was resolved. HA. So they sent me a new modem after level III said it was a hard ware issue. This didn't fix anything. So another tech was suppose to be here Friday evening. No show. Behind on home work and can't get a damn tech here to save my arse. Verizon sucks. There's a lot more to the story by typing on a phone sucks

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D8EF11

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03/15/11 | 3:08AM
DSL speed off of twisted pair copper plant? Copper wire trouble can test like defective equipment but a good tech/dispatcher can tell the difference. Wet trouble can be difficult to find. Wet trouble can momentarily dryout even from test voltage on a dispatch equipment or meter. They need to send a tech out there and put a meter on the line without equipment.

Big thing demand a technician be sent out. Demand a supervisor if they don't send tech out or problem isn't resolved. Even after fixed write a formal complaint to the local Better Business Bureau and state utility regulators.


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D49897

03/17/11 | 0:30AM
Better yet........Get the hell off DSL and see if your cable provider can give you broadband service. DSL *****SUCKS***** I am a former Verizon tech (now retired) and I won't have DSL in my house.

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: 1EFC5C

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