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03/17/11 | 19:41PM
Employees lie

I recently upgraded myself to a Blackberry and my son to an iphone w/Verizon. I waited to renew my contract until I heard about the $15 data plan. I went in there to discuss this option and make it clear that we wouldn't get any surprises after we addded this plan to our existing one. The employee (for lack of saying what I really want to call her) assured me that was correct....
Welllll, now that we're locked into a new 2 year contract and get our first bill, we have some real surprises! 29.99 for the iphone data, 45.99 for the Blackberry. In addition to this because we "changed" our plan to add the data pack they charge another month of the fee in advance. My bill was $120+ over what we discussed IN THE STORE, FACE TO FACE, WITH THE EMPLOYEE.

It doesn't end here. While I was in the store changing my phone back to my old one, dropping the data pack, and arguing with a different employee that Verizon NEVER offered a $15 data pack, I over heard this conversation:
The older gentleman next to me was getting a Driod. He denied the "insurance" and the employee started questioning his option. With every question the customer asked, the employee swayed his answer to make the man buy the insurance. He wasn't selling, he was lying. He told the man that he could not get ANY phone to replace his lost phone if he didn't have the insurance. The man even repeated back what he heard and that he was being forced to get the insurance and the employee agreed.

I don't know if their employees are payed on ticket value or trained to lie but once I get out of the two year contract that I am now chained to, I will never use Verizon again. It has been a horrible experience and unbelievable that a company can be allowed to operate this way.

Raped&RippedOffInGA - Verizon H8er ID: DECB0C

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03/18/11 | 16:29PM
Basically my experience in Verizon Wireless store except I never bought anything. I found phone parts for Verizon LG phone at a Sprint that did repairs.

They're sales pitch to me while in the Verizon Wireless store was that of being on a used car lot. They also tried countering all of my objections and rationalizing like a lying junky drug addict to new/sign a new contract. The one guy basically called me an idiot and didn't understand my logic while turning beat red throwing a tantrum like a 2 year old child.

Verizon Wireless equals a trailer trashh organization.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B43371

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